Israeli music stars born in 1979

Here are 10 famous musicians from Israel were born in 1979:


Yoav (October 15, 1979 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli singer-songwriter.

His albums: Charmed & Strange, A Foolproof Escape Plan, Live from Anaheim, We All Are Dancing (Peter Luts Remix), Blood Vine, and Adore. His related genres: Electronic music, Trip hop, Acoustic guitar and Acoustic music.

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Meital Dohan

Meital Dohan (August 24, 1979 Ra'anana-) is an Israeli actor, musician, radio personality, playwright, author, comedian, presenter and activist.

Her albums include .

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Keren Peles

Keren Peles (March 11, 1979 Yavne'el-) a.k.a. Peles, Keren is an Israeli singer, musician and singer-songwriter. Her child is called Ori Tor.

Discography: If This Is Life, Flood and Between the City and Village. Genres: Pop music, Piano rock and Rock music.

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Yotam Ben Horin

Yotam Ben Horin (February 17, 1979 Haifa-) is an Israeli musician, bassist and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Straight Out of the Basement and Yotam Ben-Horin's first solo album. Genres he performed include Punk rock, Indie rock, Acoustic music, Downtempo, Power pop, Pop punk, Alternative rock, Hardcore punk and Grunge.

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Tamer Nafar

Tamer Nafar (June 6, 1979 Lod-) a.k.a. Tammer Naffar is an Israeli rapper, actor and screenwriter.

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Ya'akov Shimoni

Ya'akov Shimoni (November 13, 1979 Tel Aviv-) also known as Kobi Shimoni, Subliminal, יעקב "קובי" שמעוני or סאבלימינל is an Israeli rapper.

Discography: Ha'Or m'Zion, Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel, and . Genres he performed: Hip hop music.

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Noy Alooshe

Noy Alooshe (August 13, 1979-) is an Israeli journalist and musician.

Genres: Hip hop music and Electronic dance music.

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Geva Alon

Geva Alon (May 30, 1979 Israel-) a.k.a. Alon, Geva is an Israeli musician and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Get Closer, The Wall of Sound, Days of Hunger and In the Morning Light. Genres he performed include Country rock, Indie folk, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Psychedelic rock, Folk rock, Psychedelic folk, Indie rock, Acoustic music and Rock music.

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Assaf Kehati

Assaf Kehati (October 21, 1979 Israel-) is an Israeli composer, teacher, guitarist and bandleader.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Rona Kenan

Rona Kenan (July 26, 1979 Jaffa-) also known as Rona Keynan, øåðä ÷éðï, Rona Keinan, Kenan, Rona, Rona Rachel Kenan or Aharona Rachel Kenan is an Israeli film score composer, voice actor, singer-songwriter and poet.

Her most recognized albums: Through Foreign Eyes, , , Breathing Down to Zero and .

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