Italian movie actors born in the year 1927

Here are 15 famous actors from Italy were born in 1927:

Hugo Pratt

Hugo Pratt (June 15, 1927 Rimini-August 20, 1995 Grandvaux) also known as Hugo Eugenio Pratt or Ugo Eugenio Pratt was an Italian cartoonist, novelist, actor and screenwriter.

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Lucio Fulci

Lucio Fulci (June 17, 1927 Trastevere-March 13, 1996 Rome) also known as Lucille Folon, Louis Fulci, Loius Fuller, H. Simon Kittay, Jerry Madison, The Godfather Of Gore or L. Fulci was an Italian film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and writer. His children are called Antonella Fulci and Camilla Fulci.

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Sergio Corbucci

Sergio Corbucci (December 6, 1927 Rome-December 1, 1990 Rome) a.k.a. Stanley Corbett, Gordon Wilson Jr., Corbucci, The other Sergio or S. Corbucci was an Italian film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

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Rik Battaglia

Rik Battaglia (February 18, 1927 Corbola-) a.k.a. Rick Austin, Riccardo Battaglia, Caterino Bertaglia, Carl Mann, Rick Battaglia or Rick Bataglia is an Italian actor and sailor.

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Giorgio Capitani

Giorgio Capitani (December 29, 1927 Paris-) also known as George Holloway or Giorgio Capitini is an Italian film director, screenwriter, television director and actor.

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Luciano Pigozzi

Luciano Pigozzi (January 10, 1927 Novellara-) a.k.a. Alan Collins, Allan Collins, Alan Colins, Alan Collin, Louis Pigot, Allen Collins or the Italian Peter Lorre is an Italian actor.

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Carlo Croccolo

Carlo Croccolo (April 9, 1927 Naples-) otherwise known as Carlo Corccolo, Lucky Moore, Sobey Martin or Charlie Foster is an Italian actor, voice actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Mino Guerrini

Mino Guerrini (December 16, 1927 Rome-January 10, 1990 Rimini) a.k.a. James Warren, M. Guerin or Giacomo Guerrini was an Italian film director, actor, screenwriter and painter.

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Mario Lanfranchi

Mario Lanfranchi (June 30, 1927 Parma-) also known as Marius La Frank or The inaugurator is an Italian film director, screenwriter, actor, television director and television producer.

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Ivano Staccioli

Ivano Staccioli (January 3, 1927 Siena-July 15, 1995 Rome) also known as Antonio Staccioli, John Heston or Ivan Staccioli was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Gian Luigi Polidoro

Gian Luigi Polidoro (February 4, 1927 Bassano del Grappa-September 7, 2000 Rome) also known as Igi Polidoro or Gian-Luigi Polidoro was an Italian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Remo Capitani

Remo Capitani (December 19, 1927 Rome-February 14, 2014 Rome) also known as Ray O'Conner or Ray O'Connor was an Italian actor.

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Ettore Manni

Ettore Manni (May 6, 1927 Rome-July 27, 1979 Rome) also known as Red Carter or Arturo Manny was an Italian actor.

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Giampiero Albertini

Giampiero Albertini (December 20, 1927 Muggi├▓-May 14, 1991 Rome) a.k.a. Gianpiero Albertini or Al Albert was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Oreste Lionello

Oreste Lionello (April 18, 1927 Rhodes-February 18, 2009 Rome) was an Italian actor, voice actor and comedian. He had five children, Luca Lionello, Davide Lionello, Fabio Luigi Lionello, Cristiana Lionello and Alessia Lionello.

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