Italian movie actors born in the year 1954

Here are 10 famous actors from Italy were born in 1954:

Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Giovanni Lombardo Radice (September 23, 1954 Rome-) also known as John Morghen is an Italian actor and screenwriter. His child is called Giacomo Lombardo Radice.

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Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo (December 28, 1954 Calgary-) also known as Lanny Mark Poffo, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, The Genius or The Poet is an Italian wrestler and actor. He has one child, Magen Poffo.

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Ezio Greggio

Ezio Greggio (April 7, 1954 Cossato-) is an Italian actor, comedian, film director, screenwriter, presenter, writer and film producer. He has two children, Giacomo Greggio and Gabriele Greggio.

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Gigi Savoia

Gigi Savoia (November 30, 1954 Naples-) a.k.a. Luigi Savoia is an Italian actor.

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Massimo Ghini

Massimo Ghini (October 12, 1954 Esquilino-) is an Italian actor and voice actor. He has four children, Lorenzo Ghini, Camilla Ghini, Leonardo Ghini and Margherita Ghini.

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Marco Frisina

Marco Frisina (December 16, 1954 Rome-) is an Italian film score composer, actor, priest, musician and composer.

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Stefano Madia

Stefano Madia (December 31, 1954 Rome-December 16, 2004 Rome) was an Italian actor. He had one child, Marianna Madia.

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Carlo Buccirosso

Carlo Buccirosso (May 1, 1954 Naples-) is an Italian actor, film director and comedian.

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Tony Rosato

Tony Rosato (December 26, 1954 Naples-) also known as Tony Rasato is an Italian actor, voice actor, screenwriter and comedian.

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Jeff Blynn

Jeff Blynn (August 21, 1954 New York City-) a.k.a. Jeff Blinn, Jeff Blyn or Blynn Jeffrey Mark is an Italian actor.

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