Italian movie actors born in the year 1970

Here are 6 famous actors from Italy were born in 1970:

Daniele Pecci

Daniele Pecci (May 23, 1970 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

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Filippo Nigro

Filippo Nigro (December 3, 1970 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

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Edoardo Ballerini

Edoardo Ballerini (March 20, 1970 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Edo is an Italian film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.

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Ettore Bassi

Ettore Bassi (April 16, 1970 Bari-) a.k.a. Ettore Francesco Maria Bassi is an Italian actor and presenter. He has three children, Olivia Bassi, Caterina Bassi and Amelia Bassi.

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David Guido Pietroni

David Guido Pietroni (March 9, 1970 Genoa-) also known as David G. Pietroni, David Pietroni, Pietroni Guido, Guido David Asher Pietroni, David Hash or Guido Pietroni is an Italian actor and film producer.

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Dario Bandiera

Dario Bandiera (February 9, 1970 Syracuse-) is an Italian actor and comedian.

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