Italian movie actors died in the year 1981

Here are 4 famous actors from Italy died in 1981:

Umberto Spadaro

Umberto Spadaro (November 8, 1904 Ancona-October 12, 1981 Rome) also known as Spadaro was an Italian actor.

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Giuseppe Anatrelli

Giuseppe Anatrelli (January 3, 1925 Naples-October 25, 1981 Naples) otherwise known as Geppino Anatrelli was an Italian actor.

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Antonino Faà di Bruno

Antonino Faà di Bruno (December 15, 1910 London-May 2, 1981 Alessandria) a.k.a. Antonino Faa' Di Bruno, Antonio Faa'Di Bruno, Antonino Di Bruno, Faa Di Bruno, Antonio Bruno or Antonino Faa Di Bruno was an Italian actor and military officer. He had two children, Camilla Faà di Bruno and Costanza Faà di Bruno.

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William Edmunds

William Edmunds (July 15, 1886 San Fele-December 7, 1981 Los Angeles) also known as Michael Pellegrino, William Edmonds, Bill Edmunds or Guillermo Bocconcini was an Italian actor.

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