Italian movie actresses born in the year 1941

Here are 11 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1941:

Mariangela Melato

Mariangela Melato (September 19, 1941 Milan-January 11, 2013 Rome) also known as Maria Angela Melato was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Marina Ripa di Meana

Marina Ripa di Meana (October 21, 1941 Rome-) also known as Marina Lante della Rovere or Marina Elide Punturieri is an Italian actor, screenwriter and film director. She has one child, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere.

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Letícia Román

Letícia Román (August 12, 1941 Rome-) a.k.a. Letizia Novarese, Leticia Gelles, Letizia Gelles, Letitizia Novarese, Leticia Novarese, Laetitia Roman, Leticia Roman, Letitia Roman or Letitia Román is an Italian actor and real estate broker. She has one child, Oliver John Gelles.

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Graziella Granata

Graziella Granata (March 13, 1941 Rome-) a.k.a. Ella Karin or Granada is an Italian actor.

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Evi Marandi

Evi Marandi (August 7, 1941 Athens-) a.k.a. Eyh Maranih, Evy Harandis, Eva Marandi, Evy Marandi, Evy Marandis, Evy Marandys, Evi Morandi, Marandis Evy or Harandis Evy is an Italian actor.

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Carla Gravina

Carla Gravina (August 5, 1941 Gemona del Friuli-) is an Italian actor. She has three children, Giovanna Volonté, Mauro Gravina and Monica Gravina.

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Paola Pitagora

Paola Pitagora (August 24, 1941 Parma-) otherwise known as Paola Gargaloni or Paola Gargeloni is an Italian actor, songwriter and television presenter. Her child is called Evita Ciri.

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Gabriella Giorgelli

Gabriella Giorgelli (July 29, 1941 Carrara-) also known as Gabriella George is an Italian actor.

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José Greci

José Greci (January 10, 1941 Ferrara-) otherwise known as Jose Greci, Liz Havilland, Susan Paget or Giuseppina Greci is an Italian actor.

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Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli (November 28, 1941 Pula-) a.k.a. Laura Antonaz is an Italian actor.

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Marisa Solinas

Marisa Solinas (May 30, 1941 Genoa-) a.k.a. Marisa Anna Solinas is an Italian actor and singer. She has one child, David Panone.

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