Jamaican music stars born in 1955

Here are 5 famous musicians from Jamaica were born in 1955:

Johnny Clarke

Johnny Clarke (January 12, 1955 Kingston-) also known as Johhny Clarke, Clarke, Johnny, Johnnie Clarke, Clarke, Johnnie, Johnny Clark or Clark, Johnny is a Jamaican , .

His albums: Authorised Rockers, A Ruffer Version: Johnny Clarke at King Tubby's 1974-78, Be Thankful, Blood Dunza, Dreader Dread 1976-1978, Rockers Time Now, Don't Trouble Trouble, Originally Mr. Clarke, The Bunny Lee Years and Sings in Fine Style. Genres he performed include Reggae.

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Basil Gabbidon

Basil Gabbidon (October 29, 1955 Jamaica-) also known as Gabbidon, Basil is a Jamaican singer.

Genres he performed include Reggae and Blue Beat.

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Edi Fitzroy

Edi Fitzroy (November 17, 1955 Chapelton, Jamaica-) also known as Eddie Fitzroy or Fitzroy, Edi is a Jamaican songwriter and singer.

His albums: Peace and Love. Genres he performed include Reggae.

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Earl "Chinna" Smith

Earl "Chinna" Smith (August 6, 1955 Kingston-) also known as Earl Smith, Earl Chinna Smith, Chinna, Smith, Earl "Chinna" or Earl Flute is a Jamaican guitarist and musician.

Discography: Dub It! and Earth Tones. Genres: Reggae.

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Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond (August 28, 1955 Annotto Bay-) also known as Berres Hammond or Hammond, Beres is a Jamaican singer-songwriter and singer.

His albums: A Day in the Life, A Love Affair, Beres Hammond & Friends, Beres Hammond, Best of Beres Hammond, Collectors Series, Full Attention, Getting Stronger, Groovy Little Thing and Have a Nice Week End. Genres: Reggae.

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