Japanese movie stars born in 1934

Here are 5 famous actresses from Japan were born in 1934:

Nobu McCarthy

Nobu McCarthy (November 13, 1934 Ottawa-April 6, 2002 Londrina) a.k.a. Nobu Atsumi or Nobu Atsumi McCarthy was a Japanese model, actor and theatre director. She had two children, Marlon McCarthy and Serena McCarthy.

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Michiko Maeda

Michiko Maeda (February 27, 1934 Osaka-) is a Japanese actor.

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Yôko Tsukasa

Yôko Tsukasa (August 20, 1934 Sakaiminato-) also known as Yoko Shoji, Youko Tsukasa, Tsukasa Yôko, Aizawa Yoko, Yoko Aizawa or Shoji Yoko is a Japanese actor and teacher. Her child is called Hiromitsu Aizawa.

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Akemi Negishi

Akemi Negishi (March 26, 1934 Tokyo-March 11, 2008 Kawasaki) also known as Negishi Akemi, 根岸 明美 or ねぎし あけみ was a Japanese actor.

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Eiko Ando

Eiko Ando (May 8, 1934 Harbin-) is a Japanese actor.

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