Japanese musicians born in 1951

Here are 22 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1951:

Ryūsei Nakao

Ryūsei Nakao (February 5, 1951 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Takanori Nakao, Tomoharu Takeo, Ryuusei Nakao, Tomoharu Minamitani, Tomo-chan, Tomoharu Minamiya, Nakao Ryūsei, Takeo Tomoharu, Minamiya Tomoharu or Ryûsei Nakao is a Japanese actor, singer and voice actor. He has one child, Takeo Kazuma.

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Unshō Ishizuka

Unshō Ishizuka (May 16, 1951 Katsuyama-) a.k.a. Unsyo Ishizuka, Unsyou Ishizuka, Ishizuka Yukinori, Yukinori Ishizuka, Ishizuka Unshō, Unsho Ishizuka, Unshô Ishizuka, Unshou Ishizuka or Unsyo Ishzuka is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Shigeru Umebayashi

Shigeru Umebayashi (February 19, 1951 Kitakyushu-) otherwise known as Umebayashi Shigeru, UME or Mei Linmao is a Japanese musician, film score composer and composer.

His albums include House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, Jet Li's Fearless, and The Grandmaster. Genres: Film score.

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Keiko Fuji

Keiko Fuji (July 5, 1951 Ichinoseki-August 22, 2013 Shinjuku) otherwise known as Fuji Keiko, Junko Abe, Abe Junko, Junko Utada or Utada Junko was a Japanese singer. She had one child, Hikaru Utada.

Discography: . Genres she performed include Enka and Pop music.

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Minoru Inaba

Minoru Inaba (November 8, 1951 Shizuoka Prefecture-) also known as Masami Kawaguchi or Inaba Minoru is a Japanese voice actor.

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Ikuya Sawaki

Ikuya Sawaki (August 25, 1951 Kashiwa-) also known as Yoshinobu Mikami, Mikami Yoshinobu or Sawaki Ikuya is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Yuhki Kuramoto

Yuhki Kuramoto (September 10, 1951 Japan-) a.k.a. Yukhi Kuramoto is a Japanese , .

His albums: Romance Collection: 10th Anniversary and Time For Journey.

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Masayuki Tanaka

Masayuki Tanaka (June 30, 1951 Imari-) also known as 田中昌之, 田中雅之 or Tanaka, Masayuki is a Japanese singer.

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Katsumi Chō

Katsumi Chō (August 11, 1951 Gunma Prefecture-) also known as Katsumi Chou, Katsumi Chô or Katsumi Cho is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Kōsei Hirota

Kōsei Hirota (February 12, 1951 Fukuoka Prefecture-) also known as Kosei Hirota, Yukio Hiroda or Kousei Hirata is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Masataka Matsutoya

Masataka Matsutoya (November 19, 1951 Suginami-) also known as Masataka Matsutouya, U.Kon or Matsutoya Masataka is a Japanese record producer, composer, journalist, actor, music arranger and film score composer.

Discography: .

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Hideki Matsutake

Hideki Matsutake (August 12, 1951 Japan-) a.k.a. Matsutake, Hideki is a Japanese , .

His discography includes: .

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Masao Urino

Masao Urino (February 22, 1951 Ashikaga-) is a Japanese film director and screenwriter.

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Linda Yamamoto

Linda Yamamoto (March 4, 1951 Kitakyushu-) a.k.a. Yamamoto Linda is a Japanese singer.

Her most well known albums: 夢はどこへいった, , and 踊れる歌える.

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松尾清憲 (December 5, 1951-) a.k.a. Kiyonori Matsuo or Matsuo, Kiyonori is a Japanese singer.

His albums include Spin.

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Yukijirô Hotaru

Yukijirô Hotaru (August 27, 1951 Saitama Prefecture-) also known as Hotaru Yukijirō or Yukijirō Hotaru is a Japanese actor.

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Yumi Takigawa

Yumi Takigawa (February 16, 1951 Suginami-) also known as Ouchi Kaoru, Kaoru Ouchi, Takigawa Yumi or Takigawa, Yumi is a Japanese actor. She has one child, Hanako Takigawa.

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Masatoshi Nakamura

Masatoshi Nakamura (February 1, 1951 Onagawa-) also known as Nakamura Masatoshi is a Japanese actor and singer. His children are Shunta Nakamura and .

Discography: Stepping Stones, , , , , , , , and .

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Mayumi Itsuwa

Mayumi Itsuwa (January 24, 1951 Tokyo-) also known as ÎåÂÖÕæ¹­, Itsuwa Mayumi, 五轮真弓 or Itsuwa, Mayumi is a Japanese keyboard player, composer, lyricist and singer.

Her most important albums: Now & Forever, Anthology, Volume 2, MAYUMI CLASSICS, Mayumity うつろな愛, 真弓傳 THE LEGENDARY COLLECTION, Anthology, Volume 1, 恋人よ, , and . Genres she performed: Folk music, Pop music and Kayōkyoku.

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Kiyoshiro Imawano

Kiyoshiro Imawano (April 2, 1951 Nakano, Tokyo-May 2, 2009 Tokyo) also known as Kiyoshirou Imawano, KIYOSHIRO , Imawano, Kiyoshiro or Kiyoshirô Imawano was a Japanese singer, musician and actor. He had one child, Tappei Kurihara.

Related albums: Have Mercy!, , , , , , , RAZOR SHARP, and . Genres related to him: Rock music, Rhythm and blues and Folk rock.

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Mari Amachi

Mari Amachi (November 5, 1951 Japan-) is a Japanese , .

Her albums include , , , , , , , , and .

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Takanori Arisawa

Takanori Arisawa (April 2, 1951 Tokyo-November 26, 2005 Japan) also known as Arisawa Takanori or 有澤 孝紀 was a Japanese film score composer and music arranger.

His albums: Orgel Fantasia, Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Series Memorial Music Box, Sailormoon Another Story, Sailormoon Music Fantasy, Sailormoon PC Engine Theme, Sailormoon S Music Fantasy, Sailor Moon Piano Fantasia, , and 「美少女戦士セーラームーン」音楽集.

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