Japanese musicians born in 1956

Here are 25 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1956:

Mika Doi

Mika Doi (August 4, 1956 Sendai-) a.k.a. Doi Mika, Mika Itou, Doi, Mika, Mika Itô, Mika Itō or Itō Mika is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Keisuke Kuwata

Keisuke Kuwata (February 26, 1956 Chigasaki-) also known as 桑田 佳祐, Kuwata Keisuke or くわた けいすけ is a Japanese singer, musician, songwriter, bandleader, record producer, singer-songwriter, film score composer and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include Keisuke Kuwata, , , ROCK AND ROLL HERO, , , , , and . His related genres: Music of Japan, Rock music, J-pop, Folk music, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Rock and roll, Pop music, Kayōkyoku and Blues.

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Katsumi Suzuki

Katsumi Suzuki (August 5, 1956 Aichi Prefecture-) also known as Kathumi Suzuki, Suzuki Katsumi or 鈴木 勝美 is a Japanese voice actor.

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Masashi Tashiro

Masashi Tashiro (August 31, 1956 Karatsu-) a.k.a. Tashiro Masashi or Marcy is a Japanese singer, film director, actor and comedian.

Genres he performed include Doo-wop.

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Yuko Hara

Yuko Hara (December 11, 1956 Yokohama-) also known as 原 由子, はら ゆうこ, Hara Yuko, 原坊 or Harabo is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician.

Discography: MOTHER, Loving You, , and . Genres: J-pop, Blues, Rock and roll and Pop music.

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Naoto Takenaka

Naoto Takenaka (March 20, 1956 Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-) a.k.a. Takenaka Naoto is a Japanese actor, comedian, film director, singer, voice actor and screenwriter.

His albums include .

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Shinpachi Tsuji

Shinpachi Tsuji (October 20, 1956 Chiba Prefecture-) also known as Tsuji Shinpachi, Shinichi Kotani or Shinpati Tsuji is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Miki Fujimura

Miki Fujimura (January 15, 1956 Japan-) is a Japanese singer.

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Tomiko Suzuki

Tomiko Suzuki (January 3, 1956 Aichi Prefecture-July 7, 2003) was a Japanese voice actor.

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Ryo Ishibashi

Ryo Ishibashi (July 20, 1956 Kurume-) also known as Ryô Ishibashi, Hideki Ishibashi, Ishibashi Ryô, Ishibashi Hideki or Ryo Ishabashi is a Japanese actor and musician.

His albums: .

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Yū Mizushima

Yū Mizushima (January 18, 1956 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Yuu Mizushima or Kenji Noda is a Japanese voice actor and tarento.

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Minoru Mukaiya

Minoru Mukaiya (October 20, 1956 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Mukaiya, Minoru is a Japanese , .

Discography: Three Kingdoms III, , , and THE BEST OF KOEI Vol. 2.

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Ken Yamaguchi

Ken Yamaguchi (March 24, 1956 Fukushima Prefecture-October 24, 2011 Fukushima Prefecture) also known as Kiyoshige Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi Ken or 山口 健 was a Japanese voice actor and actor. His child is Kiyohiro Yamaguchi.

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Miyoko Asada

Miyoko Asada (February 15, 1956 Minato-) is a Japanese actor.

Her discography includes: , , GOLDEN☆BEST, 赤い風船, , and .

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Shirō Saitō

Shirō Saitō (August 31, 1956 Sakata-) a.k.a. Uomatsu / Saito, Shiro or 斎藤志郎 is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Yoshiko Sakakibara

Yoshiko Sakakibara (May 31, 1956 Chiba-) a.k.a. Sakakibara, Yoshiko is a Japanese voice actor.

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Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (September 7, 1956 Hioki-) also known as Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi, 長渕 剛 or ながぶち つよし is a Japanese singer, musician, songwriter and actor. His children are Ayane Nagabuchi, Ren Nagabuchi and Wataru.

His albums include , しゃぼん玉, 長渕剛 Live'89, , Keep On Fighting, , , , FRIENDS and . Genres related to him: Folk music and Rock music.

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Sayuri (May 28, 1956 Tokyo-March 6, 2012 Tokyo) otherwise known as Sayuri Yamauchi or Yamauchi Sayuri was a Japanese voice actor.

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Kyoji Yamamoto

Kyoji Yamamoto (March 23, 1956 Matsue-) is a Japanese musician and singer.

His albums: Inori Rebuilding Lives, MIND ARC, , ELECTRIC CINEMA, THE LIFE ALBUM, Healing Collection, , and TIME. His related genres: Heavy metal and Hard rock.

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Ann Lewis

Ann Lewis (June 5, 1956 Takarazuka-) also known as Ann Linda Lewis, アンルイス, アン ルイス, アン・リンダ・ルイス or アン リンダ ルイス is a Japanese musician, songwriter, merchant and singer. Her child is Myuji.

Her albums: La Saison d'Amour, K・Rock, Rockadelic, Piercer, Fetish and RUDE. Genres she performed include Hard rock, Rock music and Pop music.

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Motoharu Sano

Motoharu Sano (March 13, 1956 Kanda, Tokyo-) otherwise known as Sano, Motoharu, Holland Rose, Lion or Moto is a Japanese musician.

His discography includes: Cafe Bohemia, No Damage (14のありふれたチャイム達), No Damage II (Greatest Hits 84-92), Coyote, The Very Best of Motoharu Sano A Message To Soul Boy, SOMEDAY Collector's Edition, The 20th Anniversary Edition, 月と専制君主, NIAGARA TRIANGLE, Vol. 2 and ZOOEY.

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Masayuki Suzuki

Masayuki Suzuki (September 22, 1956 Ōta, Tokyo-) also known as Suzuki, Masayuki or Martin is a Japanese singer.

Discography: Perfume, She・See・Sea, Radio Days, Soul Legend, Tokyo Junction, Boy,I'm gonna try so hard., CARNIVAL, Champagne Royale, DUNK and Dear Tears.

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Kazuhiko Toyama

Kazuhiko Toyama (October 7, 1956-) also known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Musical Singers, Super Best, Toyama, Kazuhiko, Toyama Kazuhiko or Kazz Toyama is a Japanese film score composer.

His albums include Sailor Moon Best Song Collection:Pretty Cast and Pretty Soldier SAILORMOON Series Memorial Music Box. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Shinji Miyazaki

Shinji Miyazaki (October 7, 1956 Kobe-) otherwise known as Miyazaki, Shinji is a Japanese composer, film score composer, music arranger and singer. He has one child, Wasabi Yanagiya.

His albums: Pokémon Sound Anime Music Collection, , , and . Genres he performed include Music in Japanese animation.

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Merzbow (December 19, 1956 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Masami Akita, あきたまさみ, あきた まさみ, 秋田 昌美, メルツバウ, 秋田昌美, Akita, Masami or Merzbow is a Japanese film score composer and film director.

His albums: The Prosperity of Vice, The Misfortune of Virtue, Black Bone, Part 5, Coma Berenices, Electroknots, Merzbow Loves Emil Beaulieau, Minazo, Volume 1, Minazo, Volume 2, Mort Aux Vaches: Locomotive Breath, Paradise Pachinko and Scene. Genres he performed: Noise music, Industrial music, Dark ambient, Experimental music, Noise, Free jazz, Musique concrète and Free improvisation.

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