Japanese musicians born in 1969

Here are 48 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1969:

Hideo Ishikawa

Hideo Ishikawa (December 13, 1969 Nishinomiya-) also known as Hide, Hide-chan, Hidero Ishikawa, Hideo Isikawa, Ishikawa, Hideo or Hiderou is a Japanese voice actor.

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Mitsuru Igarashi

Mitsuru Igarashi (May 17, 1969 Tokyo-) a.k.a. 五十嵐充, いがらしみつる, いがらし みつる, 五十 嵐充 or Igarashi, Mitsuru is a Japanese keyboard player and record producer.

Genres related to him: J-pop.

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Hyde (January 29, 1969 Wakayama-) also known as HYDE P'UNK, hyde, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Hideto Takarai, HYDE DARK or HIDE is a Japanese singer, guitarist, songwriter, lyricist, actor, singer-songwriter, record producer and musician.

His albums include Roentgen, 666, Season's Call, Faith, Angel's Tale, Countdown, Hello, Horizon, Shallow Sleep and Evergreen. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Alternative rock, Pop rock, Progressive rock, Punk rock and Pop music.

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Chisa Yokoyama

Chisa Yokoyama (December 20, 1969 Sumida, Tokyo-) also known as Yokoyama Chisa is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and presenter.

Her discography includes: 恋愛の才能, ちゃんと夢を見ましょ!, ぼくはもっとパイオニア, ジャングルで遊ぼう!, Wing, あしたの勇気, Sleepless Angels 〜眠れぬ夜の天使たち〜, Funny Funny Little Girl, Club Chissaのテーマ and Magical Fantasy World.

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Masayo Kurata

Masayo Kurata (May 21, 1969 Yokkaichi-) also known as Kurata Masayo or Kurata, Masayo is a Japanese voice actor.

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Ryōtarō Okiayu

Ryōtarō Okiayu (November 17, 1969 Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyūshū-) also known as Ryoutarou Okiayu, Ryoutarou Okaiyu, Ryutaro Okiayu, Okiayu Ryōtarō, Ryuutarou Okiayu, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Ryotaro Okiayu, Ryuutarou Okaiyu or Ryotaroh Okiayu is a Japanese voice actor.

His albums include Come into My Life, DAY AFTER DAY and 空のあしあと.

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Hitoshi Sakimoto

Hitoshi Sakimoto (February 26, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Hitoshi "YmoH.S" Sakimoto, Sakimoto Hitoshi, YmoH.S or Sakimoto, Hitoshi is a Japanese composer, musician, music arranger and businessperson.

Discography: Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack, Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, Gradius V, Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack+, Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack, Best of the Valkyria Chronicles, GrimGrimoire, Gradius V Soundtracks, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Original Sound Track. Genres he performed include Electronica, Jazz, Orchestra and Electronic dance music.

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Rio Natsuki

Rio Natsuki (March 5, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Natsuki Rio or Natsuki, Rio is a Japanese voice actor.

Discography: and .

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Mariko Kouda

Mariko Kouda (September 5, 1969 Miyashiro-) also known as Kouda Mariko, Mariko Kouda, Mariko Koda, Kouda, Mariko, Kōda Mariko or Mariko Kōda is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her albums include My Best Friend3, Vivid, Daisuki na uta, Pure Energy, Hana, Kimi ga daisuki, Mimikaki o shiteiruto, Watashi ga tenshi dattara iinoni, Yume wa hitori mirumono ja nai and Looking For.

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Kōsuke Okano

Kōsuke Okano (October 14, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Okano Kōsuke or Kosuke Okano is a Japanese voice actor.

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Akemi Okamura

Akemi Okamura (March 12, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Okamura Akemi, 明美姉さん or Okamura, Akemi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Geila Zilkha

Geila Zilkha (August 15, 1969 Kobe-) a.k.a. Geila. Z is a Japanese singer.

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Shinnosuke Furumoto

Shinnosuke Furumoto (December 13, 1969 Fuchu-) is a Japanese actor, voice actor, radio personality and voice acting in japan.

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Mayumi Asano

Mayumi Asano (November 13, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Asano Mayumi or Asano, Mayumi is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums include Star Jewel, MOTHER SYMPHONY and .

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Masaharu Fukuyama

Masaharu Fukuyama (February 6, 1969 Nagasaki-) a.k.a. Fukuyama Masaharu is a Japanese singer, actor, guitarist, record producer, composer, lyricist and musician.

His albums include Fukuyama Presents Magnum Classics: Kissin' in the Holy Night, F, 5 Nen Mono, Magnum Collection "Slow", Peach!!, Melody, Hatsukoi, Zankyō, The Best Bang!! and Magnum Collection 1999 "Dear". Genres related to him: J-pop, Pop music, Rock and roll and Rock music.

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Masanori Hikichi

Masanori Hikichi (October 30, 1969-) also known as Hikichi, Masanori is a Japanese , .

His albums: .

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Hiroshi Kyono

Hiroshi Kyono (March 31, 1969 Yokohama-) is a Japanese singer.

Related albums: Nu Riot and Hakai. Genres he performed include Punk rock and Digital hardcore.

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Yōko Asada

Yōko Asada (May 23, 1969 Hyōgo Prefecture-) also known as Youko Asada, Asada Yōko or 浅田 葉子 is a Japanese voice actor.

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Takehiro Murozono

Takehiro Murozono (August 3, 1969 Kanagawa Prefecture-) a.k.a. Takehiro Douzono is a Japanese voice actor.

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Tetsuya (October 3, 1969 Osaka-) a.k.a. tetsu, TETSU69, TETSU 69, tetsuya, Tetsuya Ogawa, T.E.Z P'UNK, TETSU P'UNK or DARK TETSU is a Japanese singer, guitarist, bassist, composer, lyricist, musician, record producer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: wonderful world / TIGHTROPE, WHITE OUT ~memory of a color~, Suite November, Shinkirou, 15 1/2, Can't stop believing, Roulette and COME ON!. Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Power pop, Pop rock and Progressive rock.

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Kakko (September 23, 1969 Minoh-) also known as 鈴木 香公子, すずき かくこ, KAKKO, すずき あんじゅ, Kakuko Yamagata, Yamagata Kakuko, Kakuko Suzuki, Suzuki Kakuko, Anju Suzuki, Suzuki Anju or やまがた かくこ is a Japanese singer and actor.

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Akiko Koike

Akiko Koike (November 5, 1969 Kanagawa Prefecture-) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Holly Kaneko

Holly Kaneko (August 26, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as かねこはりい, Kaneko Harii, 金子はりい or Harî Kaneko is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Kōtarō Nakagawa

Kōtarō Nakagawa (February 7, 1969-) a.k.a. Kotaro Nakagawa, なかがわこうたろう, Nakagawa Koutarou, なかがわ こうたろう, 中川 幸太郎 or Nakagawa, Kotaro is a Japanese film score composer.

His albums include GUN×SWORD O.S.T., Geobreeders, Planetes O.S.T., 「ハヤテのごとく!!」 2nd season オリジナルサウンドトラック, , , Zettai Karen Children Original Soundtrack 02, GOSICK ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, and Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion O.S.T. 2.

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Hidenobu Kiuchi

Hidenobu Kiuchi (February 5, 1969 Kobe-) otherwise known as Kiuchi Hidenobu is a Japanese voice actor.

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Izumi Ōgami

Izumi Ōgami (June 10, 1969 Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-) also known as Izumi Ogami, Ōgami Izumi or 大神いずみ is a Japanese voice actor, tarento and announcer.

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Fumie Kusachi

Fumie Kusachi (November 24, 1969 Tokyo-) is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums include Shiranai and .

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Shirō Hamaguchi

Shirō Hamaguchi (November 19, 1969 Fukuoka Prefecture-) also known as 浜口 史郎‎, Shirou Hamaguchi or Hamaguchi, Shiro is a Japanese film score composer.

His albums include Ah! My Goddess: The Movie, Ah! My Goddess TV Original Soundtrack 1, Ah! My Goddess TV Original Soundtrack 2, , , , Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 2, , and One Piece Film Z. Genres he performed include Orchestra.

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Yui Asaka

Yui Asaka (December 4, 1969 Miyazaki-) also known as Aki Kawasaki or Asaka Yui is a Japanese actor and singer. Her child is .

Her albums include CONTRAST, Present, OPEN YOUR EYES -Nude Songs Vol.2-, Candid Girl, Star Lights, , Nude Songs, , and .

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Miyuki Matsushita

Miyuki Matsushita (December 24, 1969 Japan-) also known as Matsushita, Miyuki is a Japanese voice actor.

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Noriyuki Makihara

Noriyuki Makihara (May 18, 1969 Takatsuki-) a.k.a. Makihara Noriyuki, 槙原敬之, Makihara, Noriyuki, まきはら のりゆき, 槇原 範之, Mackey or マッキー is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Kimi wa Dare to Shiawase na Akubi wo Shimasu ka., Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono, SELF PORTRAIT, PHARMACY, COWBOY, Secret Heaven, SMILING ~THE BEST OF NORIYUKI MAKIHARA~, Are You Ok?, Such a Lovely Place and ANSWER. His related genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Chiaki Ishikawa

Chiaki Ishikawa (March 29, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Ishikawa Chiaki, いしかわ ちあき, いしかわちあき or Ishikawa, Chiaki is a Japanese singer.

Her most important albums: Uninstall, 涙, 美しければそれでいい, 僕はまだ何も知らない。, Prototype, , , , and .

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Chisato Moritaka

Chisato Moritaka (April 11, 1969 Ibaraki-) a.k.a. Moritaka Chisato, Chisato Eguchi or Eguchi Chisato is a Japanese drummer, singer and actor.

Her albums: , Lucky 7, CYBER SOUL PAVILION, Pepperland, TAIYO, This Summer Will Be More Better, Watashi no natsu, PEACHBERRY, The Moritaka and SAVA SAVA. Genres she performed include J-pop and Indie pop.

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Maki Ohguro

Maki Ohguro (December 31, 1969 Sapporo-) a.k.a. Oguro Maki is a Japanese singer, songwriter and lyricist.

Her discography includes: BACK BEATs #1, あなただけ見つめてる, , いちばん近くにいてね, Anything Goes!, STOP MOTION, COPY BAND GENERATION VOL.1, POSITIVE SPIRAL, and Complete of Ohguro Maki at the BEING studio. Genres she performed: J-pop, Pop music, New Wave and Dance-pop.

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Takako Minekawa

Takako Minekawa (June 3, 1969 Japan-) otherwise known as 嶺川貴子, Minekawa Takako, みねかわたかこ, みねかわ たかこ, 嶺川 貴子, Takako Minehawa, Minekawa, Takako or Mamene Kirerie is a Japanese musician, songwriter, keyboard player and singer. She has one child, Milo Oyamada.

Discography: Chat Chat, Roomic Cube, Ximer, Fun 9, Cloudy Cloud Calculator, Recubed EP, Maxi On, (A Little Touch Of) Baroque in Winter, Athletica and Toropical Circle. Genres: Shibuya-kei, Electronic music, Indie pop, Pop rock and Experimental music.

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Sakura (November 20, 1969 Nerima-) also known as Yasunori Sakurazawa, Yutaka Noda, Sakura-Die-Nerima or Suck·D'ark·La is a Japanese drummer and musician.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Art rock, Hard rock, Pop rock and Punk rock.

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Reiko Yasuhara

Reiko Yasuhara (October 18, 1969 Yokohama-) is a Japanese singer, voice actor and actor.

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Yasuko Tomita

Yasuko Tomita (February 27, 1969 Shime-) a.k.a. Tomita Yasuko is a Japanese actor.

Her albums: and .

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Kaori Moritani

Kaori Moritani (July 26, 1969 Inuyama-) is a Japanese singer.

Discography: , , , , , , , , and . Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Cornelius (January 27, 1969 Setagaya-) also known as oyamada keigo or hide - CORNELIUS is a Japanese musician and record producer. He has one child, Milo Oyamada.

His albums: Breezin', Music, PM, First Question Award Tour, CM2, Chapter 8: Seashore and Horizon, Point of View Point, Point, Star Fruits Surf Rider and Free Fall. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Electronic dance music, Art rock, Shibuya-kei, Experimental music and Indietronica.

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Ryûsaku Chijiwa

Ryûsaku Chijiwa (May 27, 1969 Tokyo-) also known as Ryūsaku Chiziwa is a Japanese voice actor.

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Dohzi-T (May 13, 1969-) also known as 童子-T or 竹末充 is a Japanese songwriter and singer.

Related albums: NOTHING FROM NOTHING, 12 Love Stories, , , , , , One Mic, and . Genres he performed include Pop music and Hip hop music.

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Mariko Shiga

Mariko Shiga (December 24, 1969 Kawasaki-March 1, 1989) also known as Shiga Mariko was a Japanese singer.

Her most well known albums: , mariko+3, Rainy Day Hello, , and Aoi Namida.

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Yoshinori Sunahara

Yoshinori Sunahara (September 13, 1969 Sapporo-) also known as Yoschinori Sunahara, Yoshinori Sunahara, Sunahara Yoshinori, Yoshinori Sunhara or 砂原良徳 (Sunahara Yoshinori) is a Japanese disc jockey and record producer.

Related albums: Crossover, Take Off and Landing, Pan Am: The Sound of '70s, Lovebeat, Works '95-'05, 708090, No Boys, No Cry, Clipper's Discotheque Break, Subliminal and . Genres: Shibuya-kei and Techno.

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Kumi Miyasato

Kumi Miyasato (October 1, 1969 Sagamihara-) is a Japanese voice acting in japan and singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Sugizo (July 8, 1969 Hadano-) a.k.a. Yasuhiro Sugihara, SUGIZO, Sugize, Yūne Sugihara, Sugihara Yasuhiro or Sugihara Yūne is a Japanese musician, songwriter, singer and activist.

Related albums: Truth?, Replicant, C:LEAR, , Brilliant Europa / Psychotic Lucifer, Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Cage, , Dear Spiritual Life and . Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Art rock, Avant-garde, Jazz, Techno, Ambient music, Electronica, Trance music, Electronic dance music, Rock music, Classical music, World music, Bossa nova, Avant-garde music, Psychedelic music, Hard rock and Experimental music.

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Motokatsu Miyagami

Motokatsu Miyagami (February 1, 1969 Tokyo-) is a Japanese drummer and musician.

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Takeshi Senoo

Takeshi Senoo (December 26, 1969-) also known as Senoo Takeshi, Senoo, Takeshi or 妹尾武 is a Japanese , .

His discography includes: Be with You Original Soundtrack and .

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