Japanese musicians born in 1980

Here are 50 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1980:

Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto (March 31, 1980 Itabashi-) also known as Sakamoto Maaya, Maya Sakamoto or Sakamoto Maya is a Japanese lyricist, actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter, singer, radio personality and essayist.

Her most well known albums: Grapefruit, DIVE, Platinum, , Single Collection+ Hotchpotch, Primary Days, , Lucy, Easy Listening and Hemisphere. Genres: J-pop, Pop music and Music in Japanese animation.

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Ryoko Hirosue

Ryoko Hirosue (July 18, 1980 Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-) a.k.a. Hirosue Ryoko, Hirosue Ryouko, Ryoko, Ryoko Okazawa, Hirosue, Ryoko, Ryouko Hirosue, Ryōko Hirosue, Hirosue Ryōko or Ryôko Hirosue is a Japanese singer and actor.

Discography: Rh Singles & ..., Arigato!, private, 大スキ!, 風のプリズム, Tomorrow, Hirosue Ryoko Perfect Collection, and .

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Mamiko Noto

Mamiko Noto (February 6, 1980 Kanazawa-) also known as Noto Mamiko is a Japanese voice actor, singer and actor.

Related albums: , あしたの手, , Yubisaki Milk Tea drama CD, いちごコンプリート, Scoop! 7 days after, 浪漫ちっくストライク。, , and .

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Rina Aiuchi

Rina Aiuchi (July 31, 1980 Higashi-osaka-) also known as 愛内里菜, あいうち りな, あいうちりな, Aiuchi Rina, 愛内 里菜 or Aiuchi, Rina is a Japanese singer.

Her albums include Close To Your Heart, It's crazy for you, Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense, Be Happy, FAITH, Run up, NAVY BLUE, Forever You ~eien ni kimi to~, I can't stop my love for you♥ and POWER OF WORDS. Genres she performed include J-pop.

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Yūko Kaida

Yūko Kaida (January 14, 1980 Kawasaki-) a.k.a. Yûko Kaida, Kaida Yūko, Yuko kaida or Yuuko Kaida is a Japanese voice actor, actor and model.

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Chihiro Onitsuka

Chihiro Onitsuka (October 30, 1980 Nango-) also known as 鬼束ちひろ, Onizuka Chihiro, Chihiro Onizuka, Onitsuka Chihiro, 鬼束千尋, Onitsuka, Chihiro or おにつか ちひろ is a Japanese songwriter and singer.

Her discography includes: , , Cage, 眩暈/edge, infection / LITTLE BEAT RIFLE, 流星群, Sign, Beautiful Fighter, いい日旅立ち・西へ and 私とワルツを. Genres she performed: Folk rock, Ballad and Folk music.

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Kei Yasuda

Kei Yasuda (December 6, 1980 Futtsu-) a.k.a. Yasuda, Kei, Yasuda Kei, Kei-chan or Kemeko is a Japanese singer, actor and musician.

Her albums: LOVE–計算チガイ–. Genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Ayumi Ito

Ayumi Ito (April 14, 1980 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Itō Ayumi, 伊藤歩 or いとう あゆみ is a Japanese actor and singer.

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Miu Sakamoto

Miu Sakamoto (May 1, 1980 Japan-) a.k.a. Sakamoto Miu, Sakamoto, Miu or Sister M is a Japanese singer, film score composer and voice actor.

Her albums: 風光る, Harmonious, beautiful / ララバイ, 鉄道員, 15分, , sleep away, DAWN PINK, I'll believe the look in your eyes and 朧の彼方、灯りの気配.

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Satomi Arai

Satomi Arai (July 4, 1980 Yono, Saitama-) a.k.a. Arai Satomi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Akemi Satō

Akemi Satō (May 16, 1980 Akita Prefecture-) also known as Akemi Sato is a Japanese voice acting in japan.

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Hitomi Shimatani

Hitomi Shimatani (September 4, 1980 Kure-) also known as Shimatani, Hitomi is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

Her albums: 大阪の女, , papillon, 市場に行こう, やさしいキスの見つけ方, , 亜麻色の髪の乙女, 亜麻色マキシ, いつの日にか・・・ and 赤い砂漠の伝説. Genres: J-pop, Dance music, Ballad and Pop music.

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Mai Kadowaki

Mai Kadowaki (September 8, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Kadowaki Mai, Maita, Maii Kadowaki or Mitsu Anzu is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her albums include Fate/stay night キャラクターイメージソングIV:イリヤ, Character Image Song Special ~fujimura Taiga & Ilya~, and .

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Chisato Amate

Chisato Amate (December 16, 1980 Fukuoka Prefecture-) is a Japanese singer and actor.

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Hiroshi Tamaki

Hiroshi Tamaki (January 14, 1980 Nagoya-) also known as Tamaki Hiroshi or 玉木 宏 is a Japanese actor, model and singer.

His albums include Ripple, Start, Bridge and Times....

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Akiko Kawase

Akiko Kawase (June 29, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Kawase Akiko is a Japanese voice actor.

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Minori Chihara

Minori Chihara (November 18, 1980 Utsunomiya-) a.k.a. Minorin, Chihara Minori or Chihara, Minori is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

Her albums: Contact, Parade, D-Formation, Message 01, HEROINE, 純白サンクチュアリィ, , , PRECIOUS ONE and Melty Tale Storage. Genres: J-pop, Pop music, Music in Japanese animation, Trance music, Techno and Symphonic rock.

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Ken Mizorogi

Ken Mizorogi (September 16, 1980 Yamanashi Prefecture-) is a Japanese actor.

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Yuichi Nakamura

Yuichi Nakamura (February 20, 1980 Kagawa Prefecture-) also known as Nakamura Yuichi, Nakamura Yūichi, Nakamura, Yuuichi or You-Kyan is a Japanese voice actor.

His albums include , , , , and 我が家のお稲荷さま。天狐幻術 歌曲集.

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Nozomi Masu

Nozomi Masu (July 26, 1980 Saitama Prefecture-) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Kimeru (June 17, 1980 Kumamoto Prefecture-) is a Japanese singer.

His albums: You got game?, The Beginning, OVERLAP, Be Shiny, The Pleasure of Love, Answer will come, 恋のパフォーマンス~to be with you~, Make You Free, Starry Heavens and GALAXY KISS. Genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Kaya (July 17, 1980 Tokushima Prefecture-) is a Japanese singer.

Discography: GLITTER, Masquerade, 桜花繚乱, Hyakki Yagyou, Carmilla, , , QUEEN, and Vampire Requiem. His related genres: Electronic music, Synthpop, Electronic rock, Electronica and Dark wave.

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Yuki Kohara

Yuki Kohara (May 21, 1980 Okayama Prefecture-) is a Japanese singer.

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Junichi Okada

Junichi Okada (November 18, 1980 Hirakata-) otherwise known as Okada Jun'ichi, Jun'ichi Okada, Okada Junichi, Dekopaa or Okatchi is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and tarento.

Genres: Pop music.

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Fumie Mizusawa

Fumie Mizusawa (January 9, 1980 Utsunomiya-) also known as Mizusawa Fumie is a Japanese voice actor and author.

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Salyu (October 13, 1980 Kōhoku-ku, Yokohama-) a.k.a. リリイ・シュシュ, Chou-Chou, Lily, 森綾子, サリュ, サリュウ, Ayako Mori, Mori Ayako, もり あやこ, Ilmari×Salyu or Ilmari & Salyu is a Japanese singer.

Her albums: VALON-1, Dialogue, Peaty, , , Tower, iris 〜しあわせの箱〜, name, Landmark and . Genres she performed include Alternative rock, Rock music, Experimental rock, Ethereal wave, Folk music, J-pop and Electronica.

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Kousuke Atari

Kousuke Atari (July 13, 1980 Amami Ōshima-) a.k.a. 中孝介, 中 孝介 or Atari, Kousuke is a Japanese singer.

His albums include それぞれに, なつかしゃのシマ, 思い出のすぐそばで/真昼の花火, 花, 種をまく日々, , , and . Genres he performed: J-pop and Shima-uta.

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Nami Kurokawa

Nami Kurokawa (January 25, 1980 Osaka Prefecture-) a.k.a. Kurokawa Nami, Mina Motoyama or Motoyama Mina is a Japanese voice actor.

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Shugo Tokumaru

Shugo Tokumaru (May 29, 1980 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Tokumaru, Shugo is a Japanese singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

Discography: L.S.T., Night Piece, Exit, Rum Hee, NPRMX, Port Entropy, Vicious Circles, Volume 1 and In Focus?. His related genres: Indie pop, Psychedelic pop and Indie folk.

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Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka (September 13, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Matsuzaka, Daisuke, 松坂 大輔, まつざか だいすけ, Matsuzaka Daisuke, The Monster of the Heisei Era, 平成の怪物 or Dice-K is a Japanese baseball player.

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Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono (April 21, 1980 Tokyo-) otherwise known as Hiro, Shimono is a Japanese voice actor.

His discography includes: , and .

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Tomokazu Sugita

Tomokazu Sugita (October 11, 1980 Saitama Prefecture-) also known as Sugita Tomokazu is a Japanese voice actor.

Discography: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Character Song, Volume 9: Kyon, , Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, SOS-dan Radio Shibu Digest 06, and .

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Shizuka Ito

Shizuka Ito (December 5, 1980 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Ito, Shizuka, Shizuka Itō, Itō Shizuka, Teruka Neno, Takashi Maya, Toba Suno, Neno Teruka, Rina Misaki, Suno Toba, Misaki Rina, Maya Takashi, Shizuka Itou, Ito Shizuka, Enomoto, Kei (CV. Ito, Shizuka), Katsura, Hinagiku starring Ito, Shizuka or 伊藤静 is a Japanese singer and voice actor.

Her albums include , キミの瞳に恋してる, Asatte no Hōkō, ありのままでlovin'U, 四角い宇宙で待ってるよ, , THE 夢のヒットスクエア2 キャラソン清澄対局編, 熱烈歓迎わんだーらんど, and .

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Sanae Kobayashi

Sanae Kobayashi (January 26, 1980 Hamakita Ward-) also known as Kobayashi, Sanae or Kobayashi Sanae is a Japanese voice actor.

Related albums: 永遠の祈りを捧げて, and .

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Mikuni Shimokawa

Mikuni Shimokawa (March 19, 1980 Shizunai-) also known as Shimokawa Mikuni or Shimokawa, Mikuni is a Japanese singer.

Her most well known albums: , 2000EXPRESS, Surrender, 39, Alone, , Naked, Tomorrow / Karenai Hana, and 392 -Mikuni Shimokawa BEST SELECTION-. Genres related to her: J-pop and Pop music.

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Satoshi Ohno

Satoshi Ohno (November 26, 1980 Mitaka-) also known as Ohno Satoshi, Leader, Satoshi Ono or Ono Satoshi is a Japanese singer, composer, actor, presenter, choreographer, dancer, artist, radio personality, musician and visual artist.

Genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki (January 21, 1980 Niihama-) a.k.a. Kondou Nana, Mizuki Nana, Kondō Nana, Nana Kondō or Nana-chan is a Japanese singer, voice actor, songwriter, dancer and radio personality.

Her albums include Secret Ambition, The Museum, Great Activity, Hybrid Universe, Heaven Knows, Justice to Believe / Aoi Iro, Love & History, Magic Attraction, Massive Wonders and New Sensation. Genres she performed: Power pop, J-pop, Pop rock, Music in Japanese animation, Rock music and Dance music.

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Rika Morinaga

Rika Morinaga (April 25, 1980 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Morinaga Rika or Morinaga, Rika is a Japanese singer, voice actor and actor.

Her albums: , , and .

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堀下さゆり (January 11, 1980-) a.k.a. Horishita Sayuri, Sayuri Horishita or Horishita, Sayuri is a Japanese singer.

Related albums: プライベート~The Piano Album~ and カゼノトオリミチ.

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Yui Sakakibara

Yui Sakakibara (October 13, 1980 Hyōgo Prefecture-) also known as Sakakibara Yui, PHANTASM (FES cv. Sakakibara, Yui) or 榊原ゆい is a Japanese singer, voice actor, choreographer, dancer and songwriter.

Her most important albums: jewelry days, 此の花咲ク頃, Eternal Destiny, yuithm, Imitation, Again, マジカル★ジェネレーション, princess, 恋の炎 and Blue eyes.

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ゆうまお (February 11, 1980-) also known as Yuumao or Yuu Mao is a Japanese singer.

Her albums include みちしるべ, Key, スイートホームソング, someday and クラブハウスサンド.

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Shunsuke Kiyokiba

Shunsuke Kiyokiba (January 11, 1980 Ube-) also known as Kiyokiba Shunsuke, Kiyokiba, Shunsuke or SHUN is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

His albums: , , Kiyokiba Shunsuke, and . Genres he performed include Rock music and J-pop.

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Aya Endo

Aya Endo (February 17, 1980 Yamagata Prefecture-) otherwise known as Endo Aya, Aya Endoh, Endou Aya, Endoh Aya, Aya Endou, Aya Endô, 遠藤 綾 or Endō Aya is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

Her albums include もってけ! セーラーふく, , 宇宙は少女のともだちさっ, らき☆すたRe-Mix002~『ラキスタノキワミ、アッー』【してやんよ】~, , , もってけ! セーラーふく Re-Mix001 -7 burning Remixers-, , and .

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Syu (September 23, 1980 Ashiya-) is a Japanese , .

His most well known albums: CRYING STARS -STAND PROUD!-. Genres he performed include Speed metal, Neoclassical metal, Heavy metal and Power metal.

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Eri Nakao

Eri Nakao (May 15, 1980 Kobe-) also known as 中尾衣里, Nakao Eri or Nakao, Eri is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums: , , , , and .

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Arisa Ogasawara

Arisa Ogasawara (September 30, 1980 Tokyo-) also known as Ogasawara Arisa is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Meg (October 3, 1980 Hiroshima-) a.k.a. Keiko Yorichika is a Japanese model, singer-songwriter, composer, fashion designer and singer.

Her albums: BEAUTIFUL, Aquaberry, Dithyrambos, room girl, MAVERICK, Step, mgrmx, , ROCKSTAR and STEREO04. Genres she performed: Pop music, Electronica, Pop rock, Electronic dance music, J-pop, Synthpop, Trance music and House music.

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Takanori Hoshino

Takanori Hoshino (May 8, 1980 Mooka-) a.k.a. Hoshino Takanori is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Mao Denda

Mao Denda (March 29, 1980 Nagano-) also known as MAO/d is a Japanese singer.

Her albums include I Am, Masquerade, One Last Kiss, Bitter Sweet, , , , Eternal Voice, and My Style. Genres she performed include Rhythm and blues and Pop music.

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Madoka Kimura

Madoka Kimura (January 28, 1980 Fukushima-) otherwise known as 木村まどか or Kimura, Madoka is a Japanese voice actor.

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