Mexican actors who were born in 1907

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1907:

Francisco Day

Francisco Day (September 16, 1907 Mexico-November 4, 1995 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Chico Day, Francisco 'Chico' or Day was a Mexican film producer, film director and actor.

Julián Soler

Julián Soler (February 17, 1907 Jiménez Municipality, Chihuahua-May 5, 1977 Mexico City) a.k.a. Julian Soler or Julián Díaz Pavía was a Mexican film director, actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Fernando Palavicini.

Joselito Rodriguez

Joselito Rodriguez (February 12, 1907 Mexico City-September 14, 1985 Mexico City) also known as Joselito Rodríguez, Joselito Rodriguez R., José Rodríguez Ruelas, Rodríguez Hnos., Joselito Rodriguez Ruelas, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez Ruelas, Father of Mexican talkies or Padre del Cine Sonoro Mexicano was a Mexican actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer. He had one child, Titina Romay.

Carlos Villatoro

Carlos Villatoro (April 12, 1907 Mexico City-March 14, 1963) was a Mexican actor.

Miguel Manzano

Miguel Manzano (September 14, 1907 Jalisco-January 21, 1992 Mexico) also known as Don Miguel Manzano was a Mexican actor and theatre director.

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