Mexican actors who were born in 1952

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1952:

Fernando Allende

Fernando Allende (November 10, 1952 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Fernando Allende-Arenas or Fernando Alende is a Mexican singer, actor, painter, film producer, film director and screenwriter. He has two children, Elán Allende and Adán Allende.

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Pedro Damián

Pedro Damián (November 29, 1952 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Pedro Muñoz Romero or P. Damián is a Mexican film director, film producer, cinematographer, actor, author, television director and television producer. His children are called Alexa Damián, Andrea Damián, Roberta Damian and Damian.

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Salvador Pineda

Salvador Pineda (February 12, 1952 Huetamo-) is a Mexican actor. He has one child, Aaron Salvador.

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Álex Lora

Álex Lora (December 2, 1952 Puebla-) also known as José Alejandro Lora Serna or Alejandro Lora is a Mexican musician, composer, bassist, guitarist and actor.

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Mando Guerrero

Mando Guerrero (July 7, 1952 Guadalajara-) a.k.a. Armando Guerrero, Armando Guerrero Llanes, Tercera Dimensión, El Psicópata, Armando Gerrero, Mando Guererro or A.S. Guerrero is a Mexican wrestler, actor and stunt performer. His child is called Eduardo Guerrero.

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