Mexican actors who were born in 1983

Here are 6 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1983:

Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera (August 28, 1983 Mexico City-) also known as Alfonso Herrera Rodriguez, alfonso_herrera, Poncho, Poncho Herrera, Alfonso "Poncho" Herrera, Alfonso or RBD is a Mexican singer, songwriter and actor.

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Christian Chávez

Christian Chávez (August 7, 1983 Reynosa-) a.k.a. Christian Chavez is a Mexican singer, musician and actor.

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José María de Tavira

José María de Tavira (September 27, 1983 Mexico City-) also known as Chema, Josito or José María de Tavira Bianchi is a Mexican actor.

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Felipe Colombo

Felipe Colombo (January 8, 1983 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Felipe Colombo Eguía, Felipe Colombo Eguia, Felu, Pipe or Feli is a Mexican actor, singer, composer and musician. He has one child, Aurora Colombo.

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Cristóbal Orellana

Cristóbal Orellana (July 11, 1983 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Cristobal Orellana or Cristóbal Orellana Sierra is a Mexican actor, composer, dancer and singer.

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Luis Ernesto Franco

Luis Ernesto Franco (December 21, 1983 Mexico City-) also known as El Güero Franco or Luis Ernesto Franco Tiznado is a Mexican actor, screenwriter, film producer and model.

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