Mexican actors who were born in 1991

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1991:

Jesús Zavala

Jesús Zavala (September 16, 1991 Tijuana-) also known as Jesus Zavala or Jesús Esparza Zavala is a Mexican singer and actor.

Vadhir Derbez

Vadhir Derbez (February 18, 1991 Mexico City-) also known as Derbez Alejandro González Torres Vadhir Prince, Badhir Alejandro, Badhir Alejandro Derbez, Vadhir Alejandro Derbez Prince or Vadhir Alejandro González Prince aka Vadhir Derbez-Prince is a Mexican actor and photographer.

Jorge Blanco

Jorge Blanco (December 19, 1991 Guadalajara-) also known as Jorge Blanco Güereña is a Mexican actor, singer, musician and dancer.

Paulina Holguin

Paulina Holguin (May 27, 1991 Hermosillo-) otherwise known as Paulina Holguin García or Pau is a Mexican actor, presenter, singer and dancer.

Blaize Andres

Blaize Andres (December 20, 1991 Los Cristianos-) also known as Blaize Hustla is a Mexican actor.

Jose Pablo Minor

Jose Pablo Minor (March 23, 1991 Mexico City-) is a Mexican actor.

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez (February 15, 1991 Guasave-) also known as Miguel Francisco Martínez Martín is a Mexican musician and actor.

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