Mexican actors who deceased in 2006

Here are 7 famous actors from Mexico died in 2006:

Gustavo Alatriste

Gustavo Alatriste (August 25, 1922 Mexico City-July 25, 2006 Houston) a.k.a. Gustavo Alatriste Rodríguez was a Mexican actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter. He had one child, Viridiana Alatriste.

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Abel Woolrich

Abel Woolrich (November 27, 2014-May 12, 2006 Mexico) was a Mexican actor.

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Miguel Aceves Mejía

Miguel Aceves Mejía (November 15, 1915 Ciudad Juárez-November 6, 2006 Mexico City) a.k.a. Miguel Aceves Mejia, Aceves Mejía, Miguel, El Rey del Falsete, Miguel A. Mejía or the King of the falsetto was a Mexican singer, actor and composer.

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Pablo Santos

Pablo Santos (January 9, 1987 Monterrey-September 15, 2006 Toluca) also known as Pablo Alberto Santos Williams or Pabs was a Mexican actor.

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Raúl Velasco

Raúl Velasco (April 24, 1933 Celaya-November 26, 2006 Polanco, Mexico City) otherwise known as Raúl Velasco Ramírez was a Mexican presenter, television producer and actor. He had five children, Raúl Velasco, Claudia Velasco, Arturo Velasco, Karina Velasco and Diego Velasco.

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Freddy Fender

Freddy Fender (June 4, 1937 San Benito-October 14, 2006 Corpus Christi) a.k.a. Freddie Fender, Baldemar Huerta, Baldemar Garza Huerta, Fender, Freddy, El Bebop Kid or Scotty Wayne was a Mexican singer, guitarist, musician and actor. His children are called Sonny Fender, Danny Fender, Tammy Fender and Marla Fender.

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Valentin Trujillo

Valentin Trujillo (March 28, 1951 Atotonilco El Alto-May 4, 2006 Mexico City) a.k.a. Rafael Valentín Trujillo Gazcón, Valentin Trujillo Gazcon or Valentín Trujillo Gazcón was a Mexican actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He had one child, Valentino Trujillo Alvarado.

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