Mexican movie stars died in Stroke

Here are 4 famous actors from Mexico died in Stroke:

George J. Lewis

George J. Lewis (December 10, 1903 Guadalajara-December 8, 1995 Rancho Santa Fe) a.k.a. George Lewis, Jorge Lewis or Geroge Lewis was a Mexican actor.

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Arturo de Córdova

Arturo de Córdova (May 8, 1905 Mérida-November 3, 1973 Mexico City) also known as Arturo García Rodríguez or The Speaker of elegance was a Mexican actor.

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Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.

Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (March 14, 1916 Mexico City-April 15, 1983 Los Angeles) also known as Rudolfo Hoyos, Rodolfo Hoyos, Rudolpho Hoyos, Rudofo Hoyos Jr., Rudolfo Hoyos Jr., Rodolpho Hoyos or Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. was a Mexican actor.

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Miguel Córcega

Miguel Córcega (October 29, 1929 Mexico City-September 29, 2008 Mexico City) was a Mexican actor and television director. His children are called Bárbara Córcega, Miguel Córcega, Jr. and Mónica Córcega.

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