Mexican actresses who were born in 1932

Here are 5 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1932:

Christiane Martel

Christiane Martel (January 18, 1932 Piennes-) a.k.a. Miss Universe France, Cristina Martel, Christiane Martell, Christian Martell or Christiane Magnani is a Mexican actor and model. She has one child, Miguel Alemán Magnani.

Silvia Derbez

Silvia Derbez (March 8, 1932 San Luis Potosí-April 6, 2002 Mexico City) also known as Lucille Silvia Derbez Amézquita, Silvia Derbéz or Sylvia Derbez was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Eugenio Derbez.

Lola Beltrán

Lola Beltrán (March 7, 1932 Rosario-March 24, 1996 Mexico City) also known as Lola Beltran, Beltrán, Lola or María Lucila Beltrán Ruiz was a Mexican presenter, singer and actor. She had two children, María Elena Leal and José Leal.

Anabelle Gutiérrez

Anabelle Gutiérrez (September 19, 1932 Mexico City-) also known as Anabelle Gutiérrez Aicua, Anabella, Anabelle, Anabel Gutierrez, Anabell Gutiérrez, Anabel Gutiérrez, Ana Bella y Rosario, Anabelle Gutierrez or Anabelle Gutiérrez is a Mexican actor.

Verónica Loyo

Verónica Loyo (July 13, 1932 Mexico City-) also known as Veronika Loyo is a Mexican actor.

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