Mexican actresses who were born in 1972

Here are 12 famous actresses from Mexico were born in 1972:

Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo (October 23, 1972 Mexico City-) a.k.a. Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo is a Mexican actor.

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Fabiola Campomanes

Fabiola Campomanes (July 30, 1972 Mexico City-) also known as Fabiola Campmanes, Fabiola Campmanes Rojas, Fabiola or Fabiola Campomanes Rojas is a Mexican actor.

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Patricia Manterola

Patricia Manterola (April 23, 1972 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Bertha Patricia Manterola Carreon, Manterola, Patricia, Garibaldi, Paty Manterola, Bertha Patricia Manterola Carrión, Patty; Niña Bonita de México, Patricia Manterola Carrion or Paty is a Mexican model, actor, presenter, fashion designer and singer. She has three children, Matteo Kolb, Alesso Kolb and Lucca Leo Kolb.

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Chantal Andere

Chantal Andere (January 25, 1972 Mexico City-) also known as Chantal Fernández Andere is a Mexican actor.

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Karla Álvarez

Karla Álvarez (October 15, 1972 Mexico City-November 15, 2013 Mexico City) also known as Karla Mercedes Álvarez Báez or Karla was a Mexican actor.

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Katie Barberi

Katie Barberi (January 22, 1972 Saltillo-) is a Mexican actor.

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Liza Echeverría

Liza Echeverría (August 29, 1972 Mexico City-) also known as Liza Echeverria is a Mexican presenter, model and actor.

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Ely Guerra

Ely Guerra (February 13, 1972 Monterrey-) also known as Elizabeth Guerra Vázquez or Ely is a Mexican actor, singer-songwriter and singer.

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Andrea Noli

Andrea Noli (August 25, 1972 Paris-) is a Mexican actor. Her child is called Valentina Salinas.

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Bibi Gaytán

Bibi Gaytán (January 27, 1972 Tapachula-) a.k.a. Bibi Gaytan is a Mexican singer, actor and musician. She has three children, Eduardo Capetillo Jr., Ana Paula Capetillo and Alejandra Capetillo.

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Dominika Paleta

Dominika Paleta (October 23, 1972 Kraków-) a.k.a. Dominika Paleta Paciorek or Dominika Paleta Paciorek de Ibarra is a Mexican actor. Her children are called Maria Ibarra and Aitana Ibarra.

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Yadhira Carrillo

Yadhira Carrillo (May 12, 1972 Aguascalientes-) also known as Yadhira Carrillo Villalobos is a Mexican actor.

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