Mexican actresses who deceased in 2012

Here are 3 famous actresses from Mexico died in 2012:

Chavela Vargas

Chavela Vargas (April 17, 1919 San Joaquín de Flores-August 5, 2012 Cuernavaca) also known as Chabela Vargas, Vargas, Chavela, Isabel Vargas Lizano or María Isabel Anita Carmen de Jesús was a Mexican actor, singer-songwriter and singer.

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Lucy Gallardo

Lucy Gallardo (December 13, 1929 Buenos Aires-August 11, 2012 Los Angeles County) a.k.a. Lucia Elida Cardarelli was a Mexican actor and screenwriter. Her child is called Rebeca Rambal.

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Gloria Mestre

Gloria Mestre (July 28, 1928 Villahermosa-December 9, 2012 Coyoacán) also known as Gloria Mestre Rodríguez was a Mexican actor, ballet dancer, dancer and choreographer. She had one child, Linda Silva Mestre.

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