Mexican music stars who deceased at age 40

Here are 8 famous musicians from Mexico died at 40:

Alberto Arai

Alberto Arai (March 29, 1915 Mexico-May 25, 1955) was a Mexican writer and architect.

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Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Amado Carrillo Fuentes (December 17, 1956 Guamúchil-July 3, 1997 Mexico City) also known as Lord of the Skies was a Mexican drug lord. He had one child, Vicente Carrillo Leyva.

He died as a result of surgical complications.

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Agustín Millán Vivero

Agustín Millán Vivero (July 24, 1879 Texcaltitlán-March 18, 1920) was a Mexican personality.

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Susana Chávez

Susana Chávez (November 5, 1974 Mexico-April 5, 2015) was a Mexican personality.

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Javier Jauregui

Javier Jauregui (September 5, 1973 Guadalajara-December 11, 2013 Guadalajara) was a Mexican professional boxer.

He died in stroke.

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Silvestre Revueltas

Silvestre Revueltas (December 31, 1899 Santiago Papasquiaro-October 5, 1940 Mexico City) also known as Silvestre Revueltas Sánchez or Revueltas was a Mexican conductor, composer and film score composer. He had two children, Eugenia Revueltas Sánchez and Carmen Peers.

Discography: Sensemayá: The Music of Silvestre Revueltas, La Coronela / Itinerarios / Colorines, Revueltas (Orquesta Sinfónica de Xalapa feat. conductor: Carlos Prieto), Rite and The Royal Edition, Volume 27: Latin-American Orchestral Works.

He died in pneumonia.

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Sergio Vega

Sergio Vega (September 12, 1969 Ciudad Obregón-June 26, 2010 Los Mochis) was a Mexican singer.

His albums: , , , , , Me Gusta Estar Contigo, , , and .

He died in ballistic trauma.

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Julián de Meriche

Julián de Meriche (April 5, 2015 Russian Empire-July 27, 1974 Mexico City) also known as Julien de Meriche, Vladimir Lipkies Chazan, Julien de Meriche y su Conjunto, Julien de Meriche y sus Meriche Girls or Julién de Meriche was a Mexican actor and choreographer. He had three children, Ivan Lipkies, Ivette Lipkies and Goretti Lipkies.

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