Norwegian movie stars born in 1918

Here are 5 famous actors from Norway were born in 1918:

Tutte Lemkow

Tutte Lemkow (August 28, 1918 Oslo-November 10, 1991 London) also known as Isak Samuel Lemkow was a Norwegian actor, dancer and choreographer. He had four children, Etienne Lemkow, Louis Lemkow-Zetterling, Rachel Lemkow and Rebecca Lemkow.

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Carsten Byhring

Carsten Byhring (December 8, 1918 Oslo-April 6, 1990 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

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Rolf Søder

Rolf Søder (July 4, 1918 Oslo-August 23, 1998 Oslo) also known as Rolf Søderstrøm was a Norwegian actor.

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Rolf Berntzen

Rolf Berntzen (June 4, 1918 Bergen-September 22, 2005 Bergen) was a Norwegian actor.

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Odd Grythe

Odd Grythe (November 14, 1918 Lillehammer-February 7, 1995) also known as Odd Horn Grythe was a Norwegian actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Hilde Grythe.

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