Norwegian movie stars born in 1979

Here are 5 famous actresses from Norway were born in 1979:

Mahek Chahal

Mahek Chahal (February 1, 1979 Norway-) otherwise known as Mahek, Mahek Chhal, Raspreet Kaur Chahal or Raspreet Kaur Chahel is a Norwegian actor and model.

Nina Ellen Ødegård

Nina Ellen Ødegård (November 2, 1979 Stavanger-) is a Norwegian actor.

Maria Haukaas Storeng

Maria Haukaas Storeng (August 3, 1979 Finnsnes-) also known as Storeng, Maria Haukaas is a Norwegian actor and singer.

Linda Steinhoff

Linda Steinhoff (January 26, 1979 Bergen-) is a Norwegian actor.


Samsaya (November 3, 1979 Hamirpur-) a.k.a. Sampda Sharma or Samsaya Sampda Sharma is a Norwegian singer and actor.

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