Norwegian musicians died at 60

Here are 10 famous musicians from Norway died at 60:

Eyvind Alnæs

Eyvind Alnæs (April 29, 1872 Fredrikstad-December 24, 1932 Oslo) otherwise known as Alnæs, Eyvind was a Norwegian conductor and pianist. He had one child, Lise Børsum.

His most important albums: The Romantic Piano Concerto, Volume 42: Alnæs: Piano Concerto in D major, op. 27 / Sinding: Piano Concerto in D-flat major, op. 6.

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Christian Homann Schweigaard

Christian Homann Schweigaard (October 14, 1838 Oslo-March 24, 1899 Oslo) was a Norwegian politician.

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Olav Versto

Olav Versto (July 31, 1950 Vinje-July 7, 2011 Farsund) was a Norwegian personality.

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Tom Sandberg

Tom Sandberg (September 14, 1953 Narvik-February 5, 2014) was a Norwegian photographer and visual artist.

He died caused by disease.

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Rolf Schjerven

Rolf Schjerven (October 15, 1918 Lardal-October 26, 1978) was a Norwegian politician.

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Thoralf Klouman

Thoralf Klouman (April 26, 1880 Innvik-May 17, 1940) was a Norwegian illustrator and actor. His children are Carsten Klouman and Wenche Klouman.

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Liv Nysted

Liv Nysted (August 27, 1949 Alvdal-March 21, 2010 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, teacher and literary critic.

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Gunnar Tolnæs

Gunnar Tolnæs (December 7, 1879 Oslo-November 9, 1940 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

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Nicholas Lawson

Nicholas Lawson (November 23, 1790-March 1, 1851 Valparaíso) was a Norwegian politician.

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Grethe Kausland

Grethe Kausland (July 3, 1947 Horten-November 16, 2007 Oslo) a.k.a. Kausland, Grethe, Lille Grethe, Grethe Nielsen Kausland, Grethe Nilsen or Lille was a Norwegian actor and singer.

Her most important albums: Jazz My Way.

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