Norwegian musicians died at 66

Here are 20 famous musicians from Norway died at 66:

Einar Gundersen

Einar Gundersen (September 20, 1896-October 29, 1962) was a Norwegian personality.

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Carl Wilhelm Boeck

Carl Wilhelm Boeck (December 15, 1808 Kongsberg-December 10, 1875) a.k.a. Dr. Carl Wilhelm Boeck was a Norwegian physician.

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Jan Reinås

Jan Reinås (July 19, 1944-August 15, 2010) was a Norwegian businessperson.

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Peter Waage

Peter Waage (June 29, 1833 Flekkefjord-January 13, 1900 Oslo) was a Norwegian chemist.

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Cornelius Holmboe

Cornelius Holmboe (April 17, 1881-November 16, 1947) was a Norwegian personality.

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Arne Naess, Jr.

Arne Naess, Jr. (December 8, 1937 Germany-January 13, 2004 Groot Drakenstein Mountains) a.k.a. Arne Næss or Arne Rudolf Ludvig Raab was a Norwegian businessperson and mountaineer. His children are Evan Ross, Leona Naess, Ross Naess, Christoffer Naess, Katinka Naess, Louis Naess and Nicklas Naess.

He died as a result of mountaineering.

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Rudolf Gundersen

Rudolf Gundersen (December 6, 1879-August 21, 1946) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Olaf Sunde

Olaf Sunde (May 14, 1915-October 26, 1981) was a Norwegian lawyer.

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Ottar Wicklund

Ottar Wicklund (July 3, 1911 Seljord-March 13, 1978) was a Norwegian actor.

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Sonja Wigert

Sonja Wigert (November 11, 1913 Notodden-April 12, 1980 L'Alfàs del Pi) was a Norwegian actor.

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Aksel Sandemose

Aksel Sandemose (March 19, 1899 Nykøbing Mors-August 6, 1965 Copenhagen) also known as Axel Nielsen was a Norwegian novelist, teacher, journalist, sailor and lumberjack. His children are Bjarne Sandemose and .

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Karl E. Nilsen

Karl E. Nilsen (July 22, 1945 Oslo-December 2, 2011) was a Norwegian artist and visual artist.

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Hans Rasmus Astrup

Hans Rasmus Astrup (April 17, 1831 Bolsøy-February 19, 1898) was a Norwegian politician, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He had eight children, Ebba Mortine Marie Augusta Astrup, Augusta Regina Astrup, Hans Ebbe Astrup, Anna Elisabeth Hyltén-Cavallius, Ragnvald Rasmus Astrup, Ebbe Carsten Morten Astrup, Ragnhild Elisabeth Astrup and Elisabeth Astrup Mowinckel.

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André Bjerke

André Bjerke (January 30, 1918 Oslo-January 10, 1985 Oslo) also known as Andre Bjerke, Bjerke, André or Bernhard Borge was a Norwegian writer. His child is called Vilde Bjerke.

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Sigurd Evensmo

Sigurd Evensmo (February 14, 1912 Hamar-October 17, 1978 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, author, journalist and screenwriter.

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Vilhelm Aubert

Vilhelm Aubert (June 7, 1922 Oslo-July 19, 1988) was a Norwegian personality.

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Jolly Kramer-Johansen

Jolly Kramer-Johansen (May 7, 1902 Oslo-September 17, 1968 Bærum) also known as Jolly Henry Johansen or Jolly Henry Kramer-Johansen was a Norwegian actor, film score composer and bandleader.

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Veslemøy Haslund

Veslemøy Haslund (April 8, 1939 Oslo-November 7, 2005 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

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Kristian Elster

Kristian Elster (March 17, 1881 Trondheim-November 6, 1947) also known as Kristian Elster d.y. or Kristian Elster, Jr. was a Norwegian novelist, historian, biographer and critic. He had one child, Torolf Elster.

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Peder Østlund

Peder Østlund (May 7, 1872 Trondheim-January 22, 1939) was a Norwegian personality.

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