Norwegian musicians died at 71

Here are 21 famous musicians from Norway died at 71:

Johan Halvorsen

Johan Halvorsen (March 15, 1864 Drammen-December 4, 1935 Oslo) a.k.a. Johann Halvorsen or Halvorsen, Johan was a Norwegian conductor and teacher.

His albums: Orchestral Works, Volume 2, Orchestral Works, Volume 4, Orchestral Works, Volume 1, Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Cello / Kodaly: Duo / Halvorsen: Passacaglia on a Theme by Händel, Orchestral Works, Volume 3 and Halvorsen: Sarabande / Passacaglia / Concert Caprice on Norwegian Melodies / Bruni: Six duos concertants. Genres: Classical music.

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Kjetil Mårdalen

Kjetil Mårdalen (January 12, 1925-April 5, 1996) also known as Kjetil Mardalen was a Norwegian personality.

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Ole Stenen

Ole Stenen (August 29, 1903 Øyer-April 23, 1975 Oslo) a.k.a. Ole Stensen was a Norwegian personality.

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Kirsten Hansteen

Kirsten Hansteen (January 5, 1903 Norway-November 17, 1974) was a Norwegian personality.

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Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck

Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck (September 28, 1845 Lier-March 17, 1917) also known as Dr. Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck was a Norwegian physician.

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Sondre Norheim

Sondre Norheim (June 10, 1825 Morgedal-March 9, 1897 North Dakota) was a Norwegian personality.

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Henrik Steffens

Henrik Steffens (May 2, 1773 Stavanger-February 13, 1845 Berlin) was a Norwegian philosopher.

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Jacob Pedersen

Jacob Pedersen (April 22, 1889-March 27, 1961) was a Norwegian personality.

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Christian Dick

Christian Dick (September 2, 1883 Norway-August 14, 1955) was a Norwegian sailor.

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Christopher Knudsen

Christopher Knudsen (October 4, 1843 Norway-July 26, 1915) was a Norwegian priest.

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Gunnar Heiberg

Gunnar Heiberg (November 18, 1857 Oslo-February 22, 1929 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, poet and playwright.

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Jørgen Vogt

Jørgen Vogt (September 23, 1900 Oslo-April 5, 1972) was a Norwegian personality.

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Jacob Aall

Jacob Aall (July 27, 1773 Porsgrunn-August 4, 1844 Arendal) was a Norwegian politician, historian, statesman and economist. He had one child, Hans J. C. Aall.

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Thor Halvorssen Hellum

Thor Halvorssen Hellum (May 16, 1943 Caracas-July 20, 2014) also known as Thor Halvorssen was a Norwegian businessperson. He had one child, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza.

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Fred Robsahm

Fred Robsahm (June 29, 1943 Oslo-March 26, 2015) also known as Fred Robsham or Fred Otto Robsahm was a Norwegian actor.

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Carsten Byhring

Carsten Byhring (December 8, 1918 Oslo-April 6, 1990 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Jan Baalsrud

Jan Baalsrud (December 13, 1917 Oslo-December 30, 1988 Kongsvinger) was a Norwegian personality.

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Alfred Maurstad

Alfred Maurstad (July 26, 1896 Nordfjord-September 5, 1967 Oslo) also known as Alfred Jentoft Maurstad or Maurstad, Alfred was a Norwegian actor, fiddler, film director and theatre manager. He had two children, Toralv Maurstad and Mari Maurstad.

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Urda Arneberg

Urda Arneberg (January 26, 1929 Oslo-May 14, 2000 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

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Kristian Hauger

Kristian Hauger (October 24, 1905 Oslo-October 18, 1977) otherwise known as Kristian Asbjørn Hauger or Hauer'n was a Norwegian pianist, composer, bandleader and kapellmeister.

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Arnold Juklerød

Arnold Juklerød (January 8, 1925 Drangedal-January 25, 1996 Oslo) was a Norwegian construction worker.

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