Pakistani actors who deceased in 2011

Here are 5 famous actors from Pakistan died in 2011:

Moin Akhter

Moin Akhter (December 24, 1950 Karachi-April 22, 2011) also known as Moin Akhtar was a Pakistani writer, singer, comedian and actor.

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Khayyam Sarhadi

Khayyam Sarhadi (November 27, 2014 Mumbai-February 3, 2011 Lahore) also known as Khayam Sarhadi was a Pakistani actor. He had one child, Zille Sarhadi.

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Badi Uzzaman

Badi Uzzaman (March 8, 1939 Phulpur-June 14, 2011 Lahore) also known as Mohammed Badi Uzzaman Azmi, Badi Uzzman, Badi Uzzamann or BadiUzzaman was a Pakistani actor and presenter.

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Jamil Fakhri

Jamil Fakhri (November 27, 2014 Lahore-June 9, 2011) was a Pakistani actor.

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Rizwan Wasti

Rizwan Wasti (November 27, 2014 Lahore-November 27, 2014 Gizri) was a Pakistani actor, presenter, lawyer, newscaster and writer. His child is called Adnan Wasti.

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