Pakistani music stars who deceased at age 59

Here are 6 famous musicians from Pakistan died at 59:

Majeed Amjad

Majeed Amjad (June 29, 1914 Jhang-May 11, 1974) was a Pakistani bureaucrat.

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Muhammad Rustam Kayani

Muhammad Rustam Kayani (October 18, 1902-April 5, 1962) was a Pakistani judge.

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Mahmood Hussain

Mahmood Hussain (April 2, 1932 Lahore-December 25, 1991 Northwick Park Hospital) was a Pakistani personality.

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Wallis Mathias

Wallis Mathias (February 4, 1935 Karachi-September 1, 1994) was a Pakistani personality.

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Jayant (October 15, 1915 Peshawar-June 2, 1975 India) a.k.a. Zakria Khan or Zakaria Khan was a Pakistani actor. His children are called Imtiaz Khan, Amjad Khan and Inayat Khan.

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Shabbir Ahmad Rao

Shabbir Ahmad Rao (July 27, 1944 Kalanaur, Punjab-April 17, 2004 Okara) was a Pakistani politician.

He died caused by head and neck cancer.

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