Polish movie actors born in the year 1900

Here are 9 famous actors from Poland were born in 1900:

Edward Raquello

Edward Raquello (May 14, 1900 Warsaw-August 24, 1976 New York City) otherwise known as Eduardo Raquello or Edouard Raquello was a Polish actor.

Joseph Green

Joseph Green (April 23, 1900 Łódź-June 20, 1996 Great Neck) also known as Józef Green, Joe Greene, Joseph Greene, Joseph Victor, Yoysef Grinberg, Joseph Greenberg or Josef Grünberg was a Polish screenwriter, film director, film producer and actor.

Osip Abdulov

Osip Abdulov (November 16, 1900 Łódź-June 14, 1953 Moscow) a.k.a. Osip Naumovich Abdulov, O. Abdulov or O.N. Abdulov was a Polish actor. He had one child, Vsevolod Osipovich Abdulov.

Waclaw Zastrzezynski

Waclaw Zastrzezynski (March 22, 1900 Vilnius-November 22, 1959 Katowice) was a Polish actor.

Boleslaw Kaminski

Boleslaw Kaminski (February 20, 1900 Łódź-February 15, 1992 Łódź) was a Polish actor.

Adolf Dymsza

Adolf Dymsza (April 7, 1900 Warsaw-August 20, 1975 Góra Kalwaria) a.k.a. Adolf Bagiński or Dodek was a Polish actor. He had one child, Anita Dymszówna.

Juliusz Lubicz-Lisowski

Juliusz Lubicz-Lisowski (February 25, 1900 Kiev Governorate-July 22, 1993 Warsaw) otherwise known as Julian Lisowski or Juliusz Lisowski was a Polish actor.

Aleksander Żabczyński

Aleksander Żabczyński (July 24, 1900 Warsaw-May 31, 1958 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Stanislaw Belski

Stanislaw Belski (August 23, 1900 Warsaw-June 3, 1960 London) was a Polish actor.

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