Polish movie actors born in the year 1901

Here are 5 famous actors from Poland were born in 1901:

Jan Kurnakowicz

Jan Kurnakowicz (January 27, 1901 Vilnius-October 4, 1968 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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Henryk Rzętkowski

Henryk Rzętkowski (April 15, 1901 Warsaw-January 10, 1972 Warsaw) a.k.a. Henryk Rzetkowski or Henryk Rzatkowski was a Polish actor.

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Stefan Hnydziński

Stefan Hnydziński (July 29, 1901 Przemyśl-October 2, 1939 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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George Andreani

George Andreani (February 28, 1901 Warsaw-April 2, 1979 Buenos Aires) also known as Jeorge Andreani was a Polish film score composer, composer, pianist, conductor and actor.

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Kazimierz Krukowski

Kazimierz Krukowski (February 2, 1901 Łódź-December 24, 1984 Warsaw) also known as Kazimierz Zawisza or Lopek was a Polish actor, singer, cabaret artist, writer and conferencier.

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