Polish movie actors born in the year 1902

Here are 7 famous actors from Poland were born in 1902:

Jerzy Zawieyski

Jerzy Zawieyski (October 2, 1902-June 18, 1969 Warsaw) was a Polish writer, journalist, politician, playwright and actor.

Max Nosseck

Max Nosseck (September 19, 1902 Nakło nad Notecią-September 29, 1972 Bad Wiessee, Germany) a.k.a. Max Nossek, Henry Ossdrich, Alexander M. Norris or Max Meier was a Polish film director, actor and screenwriter.

Josef Kondrat

Josef Kondrat (March 3, 1902 Przemyśl-August 4, 1974 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Jan Kiepura

Jan Kiepura (May 16, 1902 Sosnowiec-August 15, 1966 Harrison) a.k.a. Kiepura, Jan, Jan Wiktor Kiepura or Jean Kiepura was a Polish singer and actor. His children are called Sharbek Kiepura and Marjan Kiepura.

Alexander Lockwood

Alexander Lockwood (May 5, 1902 Poland-January 25, 1990 Los Angeles) also known as Alexander Wyrwicz or Alex Lockwood was a Polish actor.

Jerzy Kreczmar

Jerzy Kreczmar (October 9, 1902 Warsaw-February 24, 1985 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Giuseppe Varni

Giuseppe Varni (March 20, 1902 Warsaw-February 25, 1965 Rome) also known as Giacomo Varni was a Polish actor.

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