Polish movie actors born in the year 1910

Here are 8 famous actors from Poland were born in 1910:

Henryk Borowski

Henryk Borowski (February 14, 1910 Płock-November 13, 1991 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Aleksander Fogiel

Aleksander Fogiel (February 26, 1910 Siedlce-January 17, 1996 Łódź) a.k.a. A. Fogiel or Stanislaw Fogiel was a Polish actor. His children are called Andrzej Fogiel, Tomasz Fogiel and Waldemar Fogiel.

Aleksander Gassowski

Aleksander Gassowski (June 7, 1910 Saint Petersburg-May 22, 1980 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and theatre director.

Antanas Škėma

Antanas Škėma (November 29, 1910 Łódź-August 11, 1961 Pennsylvania) also known as Antanas Skema was a Polish writer, playwright and actor. He had one child, Kristina Škėmaitė-Snyder.

Leon Liebgold

Leon Liebgold (July 31, 1910 Kraków-September 3, 1993 New Hope) was a Polish actor.

Stanislaw Marzec-Marecki

Stanislaw Marzec-Marecki (February 24, 1910 Kraków-October 14, 1992 Opole) also known as Stanislaw Marzec or Stanislaw Marecki was a Polish actor.

Jan Lopuszniak

Jan Lopuszniak (July 12, 1910 Deliatyn-April 6, 2000 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Wladyslaw Osto-Suski

Wladyslaw Osto-Suski (June 1, 1910 Marki-April 15, 1978 Warsaw) also known as Wladyslaw Suski was a Polish actor.

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