Polish movie actors born in the year 1932

Here are 11 famous actors from Poland were born in 1932:

Wlodzimierz Bielicki

Wlodzimierz Bielicki (January 16, 1932 Warsaw-October 24, 2012 Warsaw) was a Polish actor, production designer and theatre director. His children are called Karol Bielicki, Jerzy Bielicki and Piotr Bielicki.

Józef Fryzlewicz

Józef Fryzlewicz (March 1, 1932 Nowy Targ-) otherwise known as J. Fryzlewicz or Józef Fryzlewski is a Polish actor, playwright, poet and author.

Ryszard Kotys

Ryszard Kotys (March 20, 1932 Mniów-) a.k.a. R. Kotas, Ryszard Kotas or R. Kotys is a Polish actor. He has two children, Eryk Kotys and Piotr Kotys.

Michał Pawlicki

Michał Pawlicki (September 29, 1932 Warsaw-September 29, 2000 Warsaw) otherwise known as Michal Pawlicki was a Polish actor.

Jerzy Gruza

Jerzy Gruza (April 4, 1932 Warsaw-) a.k.a. J. Gruza is a Polish film director, actor and screenwriter.

Stanisław Niwiński

Stanisław Niwiński (May 8, 1932 Warsaw-May 4, 2002 Warsaw) also known as Stanislaw Niwinski was a Polish actor. He had one child, Sebastian Niwiński.

Wojciech Standello

Wojciech Standello (October 7, 1932 Ivano-Frankivsk-May 27, 2005 Poznań) was a Polish actor.

Stanisław Michalski

Stanisław Michalski (September 3, 1932 Vilnius-February 1, 2011 Gdańsk) also known as S. Michalski, S. Mikulski, Stanisław Zdzisław Michalski or Stanislaw Zdzislaw Michalski was a Polish actor. He had three children, Igor Michalski, Dorota Michalska and Jerzy Michalski.

Andrzej Hrydzewicz

Andrzej Hrydzewicz (June 30, 1932 Vilnius-) is a Polish actor.

Jerzy Prazmowski

Jerzy Prazmowski (October 20, 1932 Leszno-) is a Polish actor.

Andrzej Saar

Andrzej Saar (March 9, 1932 Łódź-September 23, 2012 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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