Polish movie actors born in the year 1945

Here are 16 famous actors from Poland were born in 1945:

Lew Rywin

Lew Rywin (November 10, 1945 Siberia-) is a Polish film producer and actor.

Daniel Olbrychski

Daniel Olbrychski (February 27, 1945 Łowicz-) also known as Daniel Olbrykhskiy, Daniel Marcel Olbrychski or Daniel Olbrychsky is a Polish actor, writer and voice actor. He has three children, Weronika Olbrychska, Rafal Olbrychski and Viktor Olbrychski.

Jerzy Zelnik

Jerzy Zelnik (September 14, 1945 Kraków-) is a Polish actor. He has one child, Mateusz Zelnik.

Andrzej Haliński

Andrzej Haliński (August 25, 1945 Kraków-) a.k.a. A. Halinski or Andrzej Halinski is a Polish actor, film art director, production designer, set decorator and film producer.

Andrzej Chrzanowski

Andrzej Chrzanowski (December 18, 1945 Sopot-) is a Polish actor. His children are called Ama Chrzanowska and Jakub Chrzanowski.

Piotr Garlicki

Piotr Garlicki (June 15, 1945 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor. He has two children, Lukasz Garlicki and Kasper Garlicki.

Stanislaw Latallo

Stanislaw Latallo (March 30, 1945 Warsaw-December 17, 1974 Lhotse) a.k.a. Stanisław Latałło was a Polish television director, screenwriter, actor and cinematographer. His child is called Marcin Latallo.

Ireneusz Kaskiewicz

Ireneusz Kaskiewicz (February 25, 1945 Sokółka-) is a Polish actor.

Tomasz Lengren

Tomasz Lengren (March 7, 1945 Lublin-July 9, 2008 Warsaw) also known as T. Lengren was a Polish actor, theatre director, screenwriter and film director.

Andrzej Siedlecki

Andrzej Siedlecki (January 27, 1945 Warsaw-) also known as Andrew Siedlecki is a Polish actor.

Wieslaw Wójcik

Wieslaw Wójcik (October 1, 1945-) also known as Wiesław Wójcik is a Polish actor.

Ireneusz Kocylak

Ireneusz Kocylak (October 1, 1945-) is a Polish actor. He has three children, Beata Kocyłak, Adriana Kocyłak and Krzysztof Kocyłak.

Henryk Talar

Henryk Talar (June 25, 1945 Kozy-) is a Polish actor.

Aleksander Fabisiak

Aleksander Fabisiak (September 8, 1945 Katowice-) is a Polish actor.

Marek Barbasiewicz

Marek Barbasiewicz (February 5, 1945 Przeworsk-) also known as M. Barbasiewicz is a Polish actor.

Andrzej Piszczatowski

Andrzej Piszczatowski (October 22, 1945 Gdańsk-April 18, 2011 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and voice actor.

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