Polish movie actors died when they were 73

Here are 9 famous actors from Poland died at 73:

Andrzej Bogucki

Andrzej Bogucki (November 11, 1904 Warsaw-July 29, 1978 Warsaw) a.k.a. The Polish Chevalier was a Polish actor and singer-songwriter.

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Jan Koecher

Jan Koecher (January 16, 1908 Warsaw-May 11, 1981 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and film director.

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Henryk Machalica

Henryk Machalica (June 18, 1930 Chybie-November 1, 2003 Warsaw) was a Polish actor. He had five children, Piotr Machalica, Aleksander Machalica, Krzysztof Machalica, Paulina Machalica and Magdalena Machalica.

He died in horse-riding accident.

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Bogusław Samborski

Bogusław Samborski (April 14, 1897 Warsaw-April 5, 1971 Argentina) also known as Gottlieb Sambor was a Polish actor.

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Adam Mularczyk

Adam Mularczyk (January 13, 1923 Kraków-June 12, 1996 Philadelphia) was a Polish actor.

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Edmund Fetting

Edmund Fetting (November 10, 1927 Warsaw-January 30, 2001 Warsaw) also known as E. Fetting was a Polish actor.

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Leonard Andrzejewski

Leonard Andrzejewski (March 1, 1924 Warsaw-October 18, 1997 Warsaw) also known as L. Andrzejewski was a Polish actor.

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Paul Wegener

Paul Wegener (December 11, 1874 Jarantowice, Wąbrzeźno County-September 13, 1948 Berlin) was a Polish film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. His child is Peter P. Wegener.

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Stanisław Jaśkiewicz

Stanisław Jaśkiewicz (January 12, 1907 Liepāja-December 21, 1980 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

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