Polish movie actors died in the year 1984

Here are 5 famous actors from Poland died in 1984:

Jerzy Wasowski

Jerzy Wasowski (May 31, 1913 Warsaw-September 29, 1984 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and composer. He had one child, Grzegorz Wasowski.

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Ned Glass

Ned Glass (April 1, 1906 Poland-June 15, 1984 Encino) was a Polish actor and carpentry.

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Loda Niemirzanka

Loda Niemirzanka (November 23, 1909 Warsaw-August 14, 1984 London) a.k.a. Leokadia Niemira was a Polish actor and dancer.

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Mieczysław Cybulski

Mieczysław Cybulski (March 16, 1903 Russian Empire-August 13, 1984 Fort Lauderdale) also known as Mieczyslaw Cybulski was a Polish actor.

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Kazimierz Krukowski

Kazimierz Krukowski (February 2, 1901 Łódź-December 24, 1984 Warsaw) also known as Kazimierz Zawisza or Lopek was a Polish actor, singer, cabaret artist, writer and conferencier.

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