South African musicians died when they were 50

Here are 6 famous musicians from South Africa died at 50:

Percy Qoboza

Percy Qoboza (January 17, 1938 Sophiatown-January 17, 1988 Johannesburg) was a South African writer and editor.

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Guy Tunmer

Guy Tunmer (December 1, 1948 South Africa-June 22, 1999 Sandton) was a South African race car driver.

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A.G. Visser

A.G. Visser (March 1, 1879 Fraserburg-June 10, 1929) was a South African personality.

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Sydney Fairbairn

Sydney Fairbairn (October 13, 1892 Cape Colony-January 19, 1943 Bishopsgate) was a South African personality.

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Chris Hani

Chris Hani (June 28, 1942 Transkei-April 10, 1993 Boksburg) also known as Martin Thembisile Hani was a South African politician. He had three children, Neo Hani, Nomakhwezi Hani and Lindiwe Hani.

He died as a result of firearm.

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Syd Courtenay

Syd Courtenay (April 5, 1888 South Africa-June 13, 1938 United Kingdom) otherwise known as Sidney Courtenay was a South African actor, screenwriter, writer and playwright.

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