Polish movie actresses born in the year 1922

Here are 7 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1922:

Zofia Mrozowska

Zofia Mrozowska (August 23, 1922 Warsaw-August 19, 1983 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Lilo Pempeit

Lilo Pempeit (October 6, 1922 Free City of Danzig-May 7, 1993 Munich) also known as Liselotte Pempeit, Liselotte Eder, Lieselotte Eder, Liselotte Fassbinder or Lieselotte Pempeit was a Polish actor and translator. She had one child, Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Irena Burawska

Irena Burawska (September 1, 1922 Zakroczym-May 19, 2007 Konstancin-Jeziorna) also known as Irena Burawska-Kessling was a Polish actor.

Danuta Mancewicz

Danuta Mancewicz (November 24, 1922 Bydgoszcz-January 6, 2008 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Eva Ebner

Eva Ebner (January 4, 1922 Gdańsk-January 31, 2006 Berlin) a.k.a. Eva Ruth Ebner or Eva-Ruth Ebner was a Polish actor.

Danuta Wodynska

Danuta Wodynska (May 31, 1922 Lviv-July 4, 2001 Warsaw) also known as Danuta Wodyńska was a Polish actor.

Maria Koscialkowska

Maria Koscialkowska (February 2, 1922 Vilnius-) is a Polish actor.

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