Polish movie actresses born in the year 1972

Here are 7 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1972:

Magdalena Cielecka

Magdalena Cielecka (February 20, 1972 Myszków-) is a Polish actor.

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Justyna Steczkowska

Justyna Steczkowska (August 2, 1972 Rzeszów-) a.k.a. Steczkowska, Justyna is a Polish singer, songwriter, composer and actor. Her children are called Leon Myszkowski and Stanisław Myszkowski.

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Agnieszka Warchulska

Agnieszka Warchulska (May 15, 1972 Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski-) is a Polish actor. Her children are called Jan Sadowski and Franciszek Sadowski.

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Maja Ostaszewska

Maja Ostaszewska (September 3, 1972 Kraków-) is a Polish actor. She has two children, Franciszek Englert and Janina Englert.

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Katarzyna Bujakiewicz

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz (September 28, 1972 Poznań-) a.k.a. Kasia Bujakiewicz is a Polish actor. Her child is called Ola Maruszewska.

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Katarzyna Pakosińska

Katarzyna Pakosińska (April 9, 1972 Warsaw-) is a Polish comedian, actor and musician. She has one child, Maja Antonina Pakosińska.

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Dominika Paleta

Dominika Paleta (October 23, 1972 Kraków-) a.k.a. Dominika Paleta Paciorek or Dominika Paleta Paciorek de Ibarra is a Polish actor. Her children are called Maria Ibarra and Aitana Ibarra.

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