Polish musicians died when they were 47

Here are 14 famous musicians from Poland died at 47:

Zygmunt Krasiński

Zygmunt Krasiński (February 19, 1812 Paris-February 23, 1859 Paris) also known as Zygmunt Krasinski was a Polish writer. He had two children, Władysław Krasiński and Maria Beatrix Krasińska.

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Richard Boleslawski

Richard Boleslawski (February 4, 1889 Płock County-January 17, 1937 Hollywood) otherwise known as Boleslaw Ryszard Srzednicki, Ryszard Boleslawski, Boley, Richard Boleslavsky, Bolesław Ryszard Srzednicki or Ryszard Bolesławski was a Polish film director, actor and teacher. His child is called Jan Bolesławski.

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Tomasz Pacyński

Tomasz Pacyński (February 4, 1958 Warsaw-May 30, 2005 Brok) also known as Tomasz Pacynski was a Polish personality.

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Lucjan Rydel

Lucjan Rydel (May 17, 1870 Kraków-April 8, 1918) was a Polish writer and playwright.

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Bonawentura Niemojowski

Bonawentura Niemojowski (September 4, 1787-June 15, 1835) was a Polish lawyer, writer and politician.

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Walter Brom

Walter Brom (January 14, 1921-June 18, 1968) was a Polish personality.

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Juliusz Wertheim

Juliusz Wertheim (September 24, 1880-May 6, 1928) was a Polish personality.

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Andrzej Grubba

Andrzej Grubba (May 14, 1958 Brzeźno Wielkie-July 21, 2005 Sopot) was a Polish personality.

He died caused by cancer.

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Henryk Miłoszewicz

Henryk Miłoszewicz (January 27, 1956 Vilnius-April 5, 2003 Włocławek) was a Polish personality.

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Józef Kohut

Józef Kohut (December 16, 1922 Kraków-January 3, 1970 Kraków) was a Polish personality.

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Jan Czerski

Jan Czerski (May 3, 1845 Vilnius-July 7, 1892 Kolyma River) was a Polish geologist.

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Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg (March 5, 1871 Zamość-January 15, 1919 Berlin) was a Polish philosopher and economist.

She died in murder.

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Stanislav Redens

Stanislav Redens (May 17, 1892 Minsk-February 12, 1940 Moscow) was a Polish personality.

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Witold Pilecki

Witold Pilecki (May 13, 1901 Olonets-May 25, 1948 Warsaw) was a Polish soldier. His children are Andrzej Pilecki and Zofia Pilecka.

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