Polish musicians died when they were 69

Here are 20 famous musicians from Poland died at 69:

Ludwik Hirszfeld

Ludwik Hirszfeld (August 5, 1884 Warsaw-March 7, 1954 Wrocław) was a Polish personality.

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Pedro Luiz Napoleão Chernoviz

Pedro Luiz Napoleão Chernoviz (September 11, 1812-August 31, 1882) otherwise known as Pedro Luiz Napoleao Chernoviz or Dr. Pedro Luiz Napoleão Chernoviz was a Polish physician and science writer.

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Jędrzej Śniadecki

Jędrzej Śniadecki (November 30, 1768 Żnin-May 12, 1838 Vilnius) also known as Jedrzej Sniadecki was a Polish writer, chemist, philosopher, physician and biologist.

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Stefan Lichański

Stefan Lichański (September 2, 1914-October 30, 1983) a.k.a. Stefan Lichanski was a Polish writer.

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Kornel Makuszyński

Kornel Makuszyński (January 8, 1884 Stryi-July 31, 1953 Zakopane) a.k.a. Kornel Makuszynski was a Polish writer.

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Władysław Łoziński

Władysław Łoziński (May 29, 1843 Lviv Oblast-May 25, 1913 Lviv) a.k.a. Wojtek ze Smolnicy, Władysław Lubicz or Wladyslaw Lozinski was a Polish writer, politician and historian.

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Janusz Kochanowski

Janusz Kochanowski (April 18, 1940 Częstochowa-April 10, 2010 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash site) also known as Janusz Bogumił Kochanowski was a Polish lawyer.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Zygmunt Żuławski

Zygmunt Żuławski (July 31, 1880 Młynne, Limanowa County-September 4, 1949 Kraków) was a Polish writer and politician.

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Józef Kremer

Józef Kremer (February 22, 1806 Kraków-June 2, 1875 Kraków) a.k.a. Jozef Kremer was a Polish writer and philosopher.

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Stanisława Walasiewicz

Stanisława Walasiewicz (April 3, 1911 Rypin-December 4, 1980 Cleveland) a.k.a. Stanislawa Walasiewicz was a Polish personality.

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Teresa Torańska

Teresa Torańska (January 1, 1944 Vawkavysk-January 2, 2013 Warsaw) was a Polish writer and journalist.

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Gerard Wodarz

Gerard Wodarz (August 10, 1913 Chorzów Batory-November 8, 1982 Chorzów) was a Polish personality.

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Andrzej Kotula

Andrzej Kotula (February 10, 1822-October 10, 1891 Cieszyn) was a Polish personality.

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Ludwik Rydygier

Ludwik Rydygier (August 21, 1850 Kingdom of Prussia-June 25, 1920 Second Polish Republic) was a Polish surgeon.

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Leopold Infeld

Leopold Infeld (August 20, 1898 Kraków-January 15, 1968 Warsaw) was a Polish physicist.

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Karol Olszewski

Karol Olszewski (January 29, 1846 Broniszów, Podkarpackie Voivodeship-March 24, 1915 Kraków) was a Polish physicist, chemist and mathematician.

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Franciszek Zabłocki

Franciszek Zabłocki (January 2, 1752-September 10, 1821) was a Polish personality.

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Leon Feldhendler

Leon Feldhendler (April 5, 2015 Poland-April 6, 1945 Lublin) was a Polish personality.

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Leon Pinsker

Leon Pinsker (December 13, 1821 Tomaszów Mazowiecki-December 9, 1891 Odessa) was a Polish activist.

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Szymon Askenazy

Szymon Askenazy (December 24, 1865 Poland-June 22, 1935 Warsaw) was a Polish politician.

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