Russian actresses who were born in 1985

Here are 7 famous actresses from Russia were born in 1985:

Natalie Gal

Natalie Gal (December 18, 1985 Bataysk-) also known as Natalie Gal, Наталья Ивановна Галкина, Natalia Ivanovna Galkina or Natasha Galkina is a Russian model and actor. She has one child, Angelina Hagler.

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Yulia Volkova

Yulia Volkova (February 20, 1985 Moscow-) also known as Julia Volkova, Yulya Volkova, Julia Olegovna Volkova, Julja Volkova, Julija Volkova, Volkova, Julia, Yuliya Volkova, Tatu, t.A.T.u., Yulka, Volk, Volchonok or Julia is a Russian singer, actor, musician, music artist and songwriter. Her children are called Viktoria Volkova and Samir Yasinov.

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Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya (December 20, 1985 Saint Petersburg-) otherwise known as Elizaveta Mikhailovna Boyarskaya, E. Boyarskaya, Lisa Boyarskaya, Liza Boyarskaya or Elizaveta Mikhaylovna Boyarskaya is a Russian actor. She has one child, Andrei Matveyev.

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Svetlana Ivanova

Svetlana Ivanova (September 26, 1985 Moscow-) also known as Svetlana Andreyevna Ivanova is a Russian actor and voice actor. She has one child, Polina Lisnevskaya.

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Darya Sagalova

Darya Sagalova (December 14, 1985 Podolsk-) a.k.a. Сагалова, Дарья Дмитриевна or Да́рья Дми́триевна Сага́лова is a Russian actor. Her child is called Elizabeth Maslennikova.

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Bar Paly

Bar Paly (April 29, 1985 Ural-) also known as Barbara Phaly or Barbara Phali is a Russian actor and model.

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Alina Somova

Alina Somova (October 22, 1985-) is a Russian actor and ballet dancer.

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