Russian musicians who were born in 1960

Here are 10 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1960:

Alexander Rudin

Alexander Rudin (November 25, 1960 Moscow-) otherwise known as Alexandr Rudin or Rudin, Alexandr is a Russian , .

His discography includes: Cello Concertos nos. 1 and 2 / Symphonic Poem: Spring, Concertos for Cello with Orchestra, , Works for Cello and Orchestra, Symphony no. 2 / Serenade for String Orchestra / Meditation Symphony for Cello and Chamber Orchestra, Cello Suites (Complete), Concerts for Cello and Orchestra, Music for Cello and Orchestra (National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine feat. conductor: Theodore Kuchar, cello: Alexander Rudin), Capriccioso: Under the Blue Skies and Chamber Symphony / Sinfonietta for Strings.

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Igor Nikolayev

Igor Nikolayev (January 17, 1960 Kholmsk-) otherwise known as Èãîðü Íèêîëàåâ, Igor Nikolaev or Nikolaev, Igor is a Russian singer, songwriter and composer.

His albums include Prosti i Otpusti and Grand Collection.

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Alexander Bashlachev

Alexander Bashlachev (May 27, 1960 Cherepovets-February 17, 1988 Saint Petersburg) a.k.a. Bashlachev, Alexander was a Russian singer.

His albums include I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Лихо, VII, and . Genres he performed include Rock music and Alternative rock.

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Leonid Parfyonov

Leonid Parfyonov (January 26, 1960 Cherepovets-) also known as Leonid Gennadievich Parfyonov or L. Parfyonov is a Russian journalist, actor, screenwriter, television producer, editor, television director and presenter. He has two children, Ivan Parfyonov and Maria Parfyonova.

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Dmitry Kharatyan

Dmitry Kharatyan (January 21, 1960 Olmaliq-) otherwise known as Dmitri Vadimovich Kharatyan, D. Kharatyan, Dima Kharatyan, Dmitriy Kharatyan, Dmitry Vadimovich Kharatyan, Dmytro Kharatyan, Дми́трий Вади́мович Харатья́н, Дмитрий Харатьян, Dmitriy Harat'yan, Dmitriy Kharat'yan, Dmitriy Kharat'ian or Kharat'yan, Dmitriy is a Russian actor. He has two children, Ivan Kharatyan and Alexandra Kharatyan.

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Galina Khomchik

Galina Khomchik (May 30, 1960-) also known as Хомчик, Галина is a Russian singer.

Her albums include . Her related genres: Bard.

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Yuli Burkin

Yuli Burkin (March 29, 1960 Tomsk-) a.k.a. Юлий Буркин or Burkin, Yuliy is a Russian writer.

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Armen Grigoryan

Armen Grigoryan (November 24, 1960 Moscow-) a.k.a. Армен Григорян, Grigoryan, Armen or Armen Sergeevich Grigoryan is a Russian singer-songwriter, musician and actor. He has four children, Kseniya Grigoryan, Elizaveta Grigoryan, Anna Grigoryan and Grigor Grigoryan.

Discography: Kitaysky Tank. His related genres: Rock music.

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Alexei Borisov

Alexei Borisov (December 7, 1960 Moscow-) also known as Алексей Борисов, Alexej Borisov, Aleksei Borisov or Borisov, Alexei is a Russian musician, journalist and record producer.

His albums: Before the Evroremont, Multiviza, Abstractionist, Typical Human Beings, Ornaments, TRRRack and .

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Vasily Shumov

Vasily Shumov (March 23, 1960 Moscow-) is a Russian record producer, musician, artist, songwriter, visual artist and music artist.

His discography includes: , , , My District, and . His related genres: Avant-garde, Electronic music and New Wave.

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