Russian musicians died at 57

Here are 10 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 57:

Arkādijs Pavlovs

Arkādijs Pavlovs (February 2, 1903 Riga-June 26, 1960 Riga) was a Russian personality.

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Iustin Frățiman

Iustin Frățiman (June 1, 1870-September 23, 1927) was a Russian teacher and curator.

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Alexander Chekhov

Alexander Chekhov (August 22, 1855 Taganrog-May 29, 1913 Saint Petersburg) otherwise known as Alexander Pavlovich Chekhov, Agafopod, Agafopod Edinitsin, Aloe, A. Gray or Aleksandr Chekhov was a Russian novelist, essayist, writer and memoirist. His child is called Michael Chekhov.

He died caused by throat cancer.

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L. L. Zamenhof

L. L. Zamenhof (December 15, 1859 Białystok-April 14, 1917 Warsaw) was a Russian ophthalmology. He had one child, Lidia Zamenhof.

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Dimitri Kirsanoff

Dimitri Kirsanoff (March 6, 1899 Tartu-February 11, 1957 Paris) also known as Dimitri Kirsanov, Marc David Kaplan, Markus David Sussmanovitch Kaplan or Марк Давидович Каплан was a Russian film director, screenwriter and film producer.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Itzhak Katzenelson

Itzhak Katzenelson (July 1, 1886 Karelichy-May 1, 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp) also known as Itzhak Katzenelson or Yitzhak Katzenelson was a Russian writer.

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Al Hoffman

Al Hoffman (September 25, 1902 Minsk-July 21, 1960 New York City) was a Russian songwriter and film score composer.

His most recognized albums: Cinderella.

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Vladimir Arsenyev

Vladimir Arsenyev (September 10, 1872 Saint Petersburg-September 4, 1930 Vladivostok) also known as Vladimir Klavdiyevich Arsenyev or Vladimir Arsenev was a Russian writer and geographer. He had one child, Natalya Arsenyeva.

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Alexander Belyaev

Alexander Belyaev (March 16, 1884 Smolensk-January 6, 1942 Pushkin, Saint Petersburg) also known as A. Belayev, A. Beliaev, A. Belyayev, Aleksandr Beliayev, Alexander Belyaev, Alexander Romanovich Beliaev, Aleksandr Romanovich Belyaev, Alexander Romanovich Belyaev or Aleksandr Belyaev was a Russian writer, novelist and lawyer. His children are Ludmila Belyаeva and Svetlana Belyaeva.

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Osip Brik

Osip Brik (January 16, 1888 Moscow-February 22, 1945 Moscow) a.k.a. Osip Maksimovich Brik or Осип Максимович Брик was a Russian writer, screenwriter and actor.

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