Russian musicians died at 78

Here are 5 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 78:

Janina Żejmo

Janina Żejmo (May 29, 1909 Vawkavysk-December 29, 1987 Warsaw) also known as Y.Zhejmo, Janina Jeimo, Ya. Zhejmo, Ya. Zheimo, Yanina Boleslavovna Zhejmo, Jaime, Janina Boleslavovna, Yanina Boleslavovna Jaime or Yanina Jaime was a Russian actor. She had two children, Janina Kostrichkin and Julian Żejmo.

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Michel Emer

Michel Emer (June 19, 1906 Saint Petersburg-November 23, 1984 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Michel Rosenstein or Michael Emer was a Russian film score composer, composer and songwriter. He had one child, Laurence Emer.

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Harry Grey

Harry Grey (November 2, 1901 Odessa-October 1, 1980) also known as Herschel Goldberg or Harry Goldberg was a Russian writer. He had three children, Beverle Grey, Harvey Grey and Simeon Grey.

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Olha Kobylianska

Olha Kobylianska (November 27, 1863 Gura Humorului-March 21, 1942 Chernivtsi) also known as Olha Kobylyanska was a Russian writer.

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Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky (December 24, 1891 Jelgava-October 12, 1970) a.k.a. Feodor Rojankovsky was a Russian illustrator.

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