Russian music stars deceased in Traffic collision

Here are 2 famous musicians from Russia died in Traffic collision:

Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi (June 21, 1962 Saint Petersburg-August 15, 1990 Tukums) also known as Виктор Цой, 빅토르 로베르토비치 최, Viktor Robertovich Tsoi, Victor Tsoy, Victor Tsoi, Viktor Tsoy, Tsoy, Viktor, V. Tsoy, V. Tsoj or The Last Hero was a Russian singer and singer-songwriter. He had one child, Alexander Tsoi.

His albums include Kino, Akustika, Akusticheskiy kontsert, Concert at Leningrad rock club II Festival (May 20, 1984), Kvartirnik in Moscow (V.Tsoi, A.Rybin) (Jan 3-4, 1983), Concert in Kiev House of Scientists ("Geiger counter") (Summer 1986), Kvartirnik in Leningrad (V.Tsoi, A.Rybin), Recording for "Posledniy Geroy" album, MDT (January 1983), Viktor Tsoi in Sverdlovsk (December 24-26, 1983) and Viktor Tsoi at A.Vishnia's before recording "46" album (Leningrad, 1983). Genres he performed: Rock music, New Wave, Post-punk and Gothic rock.

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Yuri Stepanov

Yuri Stepanov (June 7, 1967 Cheremkhovsky District-March 3, 2010 Moscow) also known as Yuri Konstantinovich Stepanov, Yury Stepanov, Yuriy Stepanov or Yuriy Konstantinovich Stepanov was a Russian actor. He had three children, Konstantin Stepanov, Dmitry Stepanov and Yuriy Stepanov.

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