Serbian musicians died when they were 51

Here are 5 famous musicians from Serbia died at 51:

Borisav Stanković

Borisav Stanković (March 31, 1876 Vranje-October 22, 1927 Belgrade) also known as Borisav Stankovic or Bora was a Serbian novelist.

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Laza Ristovski

Laza Ristovski (January 23, 1956 Novi Pazar-October 6, 2007 Belgrade) a.k.a. Lazar Ristovski or Лаза Ристовски was a Serbian composer, musician, organist, keyboard player and film score composer.

His albums: Roses for a General, Platinum and The best of Instrumental Works. His related genres: Classical music, Instrumental rock, Hard rock, Progressive rock, Rock music, Electronic music, New-age music and Folk rock.

He died in multiple sclerosis.

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Severin Bijelić

Severin Bijelić (February 10, 1921 Belgrade-July 28, 1972 Vela Luka) a.k.a. Severin Bijelic was a Serbian actor and football player.

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Dragan Arsenović

Dragan Arsenović (October 6, 1952 Šabac-March 7, 2004 Belgrade) was a Serbian soccer player.

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Rastko Petrović

Rastko Petrović (March 3, 1898 Belgrade-August 15, 1949 Washington, D.C.) was a Serbian personality.

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