Singaporean musicians born in 1975

Here are 5 famous musicians from Singapore were born in 1975:

Kam Ning

Kam Ning (October 7, 1975 Singapore-) is a Singaporean violinist.

Genres she performed include Classical music.

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Tanya Chua

Tanya Chua (January 28, 1975 Singapore-) also known as 蔡健雅, Tsai Chien Ya, Cai Jian Ya or Chua, Tanya is a Singaporean singer, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and composer.

Her albums include Bored, Goodbye & Hello, I Do Believe, T-time, , , 雙棲動物, , 若你碰到他 and 呼吸.

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Rishi Kumaar

Rishi Kumaar (April 30, 1975-) is a Singaporean singer.

His related genres: Ballad, Pop music, Soul music and Hip hop music.

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Sheikh Haikel

Sheikh Haikel (October 10, 1975-) otherwise known as Sheikh Haikel Sheikh Salim is a Singaporean actor, radio personality and rapper.

His most important albums: For Sure and 10.10.10.

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John Klass

John Klass (February 16, 1975 Singapore-) is a Singaporean singer, record producer, songwriter and presenter.

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