South African musicians died when they were 64

Here are 15 famous musicians from South Africa died at 64:

Aggrey Klaaste

Aggrey Klaaste (January 6, 1940 Kimberley, Northern Cape-June 19, 2004) was a South African editor.

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Max Gluckman

Max Gluckman (January 26, 1911 Johannesburg-April 13, 1975) also known as Herman Max Gluckman was a South African scientist.

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George Shepstone

George Shepstone (April 9, 1876 South Africa-July 3, 1940) was a South African personality.

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Shunter Coen

Shunter Coen (October 14, 1902-April 5, 1967) was a South African personality.

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Herbert Hayton Castens

Herbert Hayton Castens (November 23, 1864 Eastern Cape-October 18, 1929 Fulham) was a South African personality.

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N. P. van Wyk Louw

N. P. van Wyk Louw (June 11, 1906 Sutherland-June 18, 1970 Johannesburg) was a South African poet and playwright.

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Donald Gray

Donald Gray (March 3, 1914 Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape-April 7, 1978 South Africa) a.k.a. Don Tidbury, Donald Elred Owermann Tidbury, Eldred Tidbury or Elred Owermann Tidbury was a South African actor and announcer. He had two children, Lorreta Gray and Deborah Gray.

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Phyllis Spira

Phyllis Spira (October 18, 1943 Johannesburg-March 11, 2008 Cape Town) was a South African ballet dancer.

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Bob Snedden

Bob Snedden (March 20, 1867 Dunfermline-April 3, 1931 Liskeard) was a South African personality.

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Hendrik Verwoerd

Hendrik Verwoerd (September 8, 1901 Amsterdam-September 6, 1966 Cape Town) was a South African politician.

He died as a result of assassination.

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Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (July 4, 1845 Cape Town-October 11, 1909 Westminster) was a South African politician and journalist.

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John James Clements

John James Clements (June 19, 1872 Middelburg, Eastern Cape-June 18, 1937 Newcastle) was a South African soldier.

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Alexis Preller

Alexis Preller (September 6, 1911 Pretoria-December 13, 1975 Pretoria) was a South African personality.

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Jacobus Arnoldus Graaff

Jacobus Arnoldus Graaff (March 4, 1863 Villiersdorp-April 5, 1927 England) was a South African businessperson and politician.

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Marike de Klerk

Marike de Klerk (November 17, 1937 Pretoria-December 4, 2001 Cape Town) also known as First lady Marike de Klerk was a South African personality. Her children are called Jan de Klerk, Susan de Klerk and Willem de Klerk.

She died caused by assassination.

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